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"What's new" 1999-2015 

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December 14 a 1/72 Zvezda Sukhoi T-50 PAK
November 30 added some extra photos of the F-86D with missiles and engine dolly
November 22 the 1/32 scale F-86D Sabredog in Taiwan AF markings
November 11 modelling Jaguars with 1/72 kits of Heller
November 5 a 1/72 Saab Gripen of Thailand air force 
November 3 visited the Euro Scale Modelling 2015 event, check out the IPMS NL report......
October 26 added 2 made Heller models in 1/72 of the Saab J29 Tunnan...
October 14 continued with the 1/32 scale F-86D Sabredog......
October 6 another 3 MiG-15s using the great Eduard kits
September 29 a few two seater MiG-15UTI models in 1/72
September 20 continued modelling MiG-15 models in 1/72 scale
September 14 started the model series about the Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-15 in 1/72
September 12 made a SWORD 1/72 Bearcat, now of the Thai Air Force
September 8 another 3 Mirages in 1/72 scale
August 29 continued with the 1/32 scale F-86D Sabre Dog
August 25 started modelling the newest 1/32 Kitty Hawk F-86D Sabre Dog
August 17 a 1/72 model of the MiG A-144 Analog
August 5 addedanother Yakovlev 1/72 model, of the Yak-25 RV
August 2 added links to my video content on YouTube
July 22 model from the past: Avro Arrow in 1/72 scale
July 12 started modelling 2 Yakovlev Yak-25 Amodel kits in 1/72
July 3 added a 1/72 scale model from Airfix of the Gloster Meteor F.mk 8 
June 27 addedanother 4  A-37 models in 1/72 scale
June 19 started modelling a bunch of A-37's in 1/72 scale
May 12 added 3 MiG-21 models in 1/72 scale of Ethiopia, Madagaskar and Somalia
April 30 addedanother 2 F-51D Mustangs
April 25 started modelling a bunch of P-51 / F-51 Mustangs using the Airfix kit
March 5 the  1/32 scale model of the F-86K Kaasjager
March 1 Re-started modelling the North American F-86K Sabre "Kaasjager" in 1/32 scale..... 
February 14 the 1/32 scale T-2D Buckeye of the FUERZA AEREA VENEZOLANA
February 5 another 4 1/72 scale MiG-21 models....
January 26  continued with modelling the 1/32 T-2 Buckeye....
January 16  started with modelling a whole bunch of Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21 kits in 1/72 
January 2, 2015 another 1/72 MiG-25PD made of Libya AF
December 3 adding modelling report on Dassault MD 450 Ouragan in 1/72 scale
December 1 new series of models' presentation of the Military Aircraft of the World in plastic 
November 18 added part two of the 1/32 Sikorsky S-62 KLM helicopter model
November 12 started the report on a half scratch 1/32 Sikorsky S-62 KLM helicopter model
October 30 the model report of the 1/32 Grumman A-6 Intruder
October 28 1/32 Grumman A-6A   page 2.....
October 27 1/32 Grumman A-6A Intruder cut-away project.....
Sept 12 added another 1/32 Hasegawa F-16 from the Venezuela Air Force "Dragones"
Aug 19 the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter: models and overview in 1/72 scale
July 25 the 1/32 Tamiya F-14A Tomcat
July 9 started modelling the classic 1/32 Tamiya F-14A Tomcat
June 16 the 1/32 HPH model of the Aero L-39 Albatros
June 14 as there are so many modelling reports, organized overviews in alphabetical order
June 10 continued with the 1/32 T-2 Buckeye...
May 20 started modelling the Special Hobby 1/32 T-2 Buckeye USN trainer
May 8 continued with the 1/32 L-39 Albatros....
April 22 added 1/72 modelling reports of theAIDC AT-3 and Karakorum K-8 trainers 
April 20 added 1/72 quick build of the AV-8B Harrier II
April 17 started a new 1/32 project: the HPH 1/32 Aero L-39 Albatros....
April 10 the first 5 Mirage III/V models in 1/72 scale, more to follow!
April 5 the F-35A model of the first Royal Netherlands Air Force test aircraft
March 25 started modelling the new Lockheed F-35A JSF 1/72 model of Academy
March 23 made a 1/72 Sea Harrier of the FAA
March 17 added a simple built of the Eurofighter EF2000 using the 1/72 Revell kit
March 2 continued with modelling the 1/72 Dassault Mirages... 
February 27 simple built of the 1/72 Italeri Aermacchi MB-326
February 20 added a simple built of the 1/72 Tamiya F-84 Thunderjet of the IIAF 
January 17, 2014 started modelling a bunch of Mirages III and V in 1/72 scale
Dec 27, 2013 ade a 1/72 North American F-107 from the Trumpeter kit
Dec 6 added a couple of built 1/72 A-1 Skyraiders
Nov 21 the 1/32 ML-KNIL P-51 Mustang
Nov 6 Part 2 of the P-51D Mustang ....
Oct 31 first part of modelling report on a P-51D Mustang in 1/32 scale
Oct 29 a General Dynamics F-16 CCV in 1/72 scale
Oct 16 the WW1 Fe-2b biplane
Oct 13 improved menu navigation
Oct 4 continued with the Fe-2b biplane in 1/32 scale..
Oct 1 started modelling a couple of F-16 prototype and experimentals in 1/72
Sept 27 some site layout re-styling 
Sept 20 started with publishing R.A.F Fe-2b biplane Build report
Sept 18 added information about the 1/32 Aeropoxy F-86K Kaasjager /Sabre conversion...
Sept 10 finally the 1/32 scale T-45 Goshawk conversion...
Sept 6 the 1/32 F-16C of the USAF Thunderbirds
Sept 1 started on a simple 1/32 F-16C of the USAF Thunderbirds
Aug 29 buildin a MiG-19 / Shenyang J-6 in 1/72
Aug 16 added a quick build N.A T-28 Trojan in 1/72 scale
July 20 continued with the 1/32 T-45 Goshawk....
July 14 added the 1/72 Hasegawa Jaguars....
July 7 two large 1/32 Hawks...
June 30 continued with the 1/32 Hawks....
June 27 In parallel, a bunch of 1/72 Sepecat Jaguars are made...
June 16 continued with the 1/32 T-45 Goshawk
June 11 continued with the 1/32 Revell Hawk....
May 30 next steps in modelling a 1/32 scale T-45...
May 25 continued with the 1/32 T-45 Goshawk conversion...
May 23 starting construction reports on a series of 1/32 scale BAe Hawks including a T-45 Goshawk conversion
May 8 made a 1/72 OV-10 Bronco using the Academy kit
May 1 the 1/72 Admiral kit of the Vought Pirate navy fighter
April 22 added a straight forward build of a RAF Swift in 1/72
April 12 a whole bunch of 1/72 Hawker/BAe Hawks...
April 5 added a couple of 1/72 Fujimi British F-4 Phantoms
April 4 a 1/72 Hobbyboss kit of the Hawker Seahawk
April 1 looking into a 1/32 scale F-86K Kaasjager conversion
March 30  at last the F-86K Kaasjager in the 1/72 scale Sabre series
March 12 added a British trainer in 1/72, the Shorts Tucano
Feb 21 a new Soviet VTOL aircraft build: Yakovlev YAK-141 Freestyle
Feb 9 added a 1/72 build of the Boulton Paul Sea Balliol trainer in the new British trainer series
Feb 3 got a 1/32 Lynx HAS3 kit and added a kit comparison  with the Mk.88a and step-by-step suggestions
Feb 1 the Dutch 1/32 scale SH-14D Lynx conversion
Jan 28 added a simple build of the Russian Yakovlev YAK-130 trainer in 1/72 scale
Jan 14 build the Boscombe Down Hawker HunterT7 and added a Hunter 1/72 scale kit overview
Jan 12, 2013 continued with the 1/32 Lynx helicopter by applying MLD markings
Dec 26 added a simple MiG-21 of the Indian Air Force next to the Ajeet
Dec 20 added test aircraft in 1/72 from RAE Boscombe Down including a Jet Provost
Dec 17 continued with the 1/32 Lynx helicopter in MLD markings
Dec 14 added build report on the Folland Gnat and Ajeet in 1/72 scale
Dec 10 started a series of 1/72 kits of British test aircraft, like the NF12 Bedford RAE Meteor...
Nov 29 continued with the 1/32 Westland Lynx
Nov 23 added a couple of 1/72 Trumpeter builds of the Republic F-105 Thunderchief
Nov 16 worked on the Revell 1/32 Lynx helicopter....
Nov 12 continued with the 1/32 Lynx helicopter build....
Nov 2 started modelling the 1/32 Revell Westland Lynx helicopter....
Oct 29 added the 1/72 Grumman F9F-T8 Cougar in the US Navy series
Oct 5 added to the US Navy series the Douglas F3D Skyknight
Sept 24 a Amodel Soviet Sukhoi Su-15 interceptor
Sept 12 added a modelling report on 1/72 scale Italeri Eurocopter Cougar helicopter
August 8 a third F-100 Super Sabre in 1/72 scale
July 15 made a couple of 1/72 scale F-101B Voodoo's  and updated the Century fighters page
July 8 corrected a broken link with a modelling report copy of the Revell 1/32 Eurofighter / Typhoon 
July 4 another 1/72 F-100 Super Sabre (a two seater -F)
June 24 started a 1/72 scale North American F-100 Super Sabre project...
June 20 re-organized a bit the American X plane page and added additional Lockheed F-94 Starfire models
June 18 made the ART Models 1/72 scale Grumman F8F Bearcat
May 26 the TF-102 Deuce in 1/72 scale
May 20 added a straight out of the box build of the 1/72 Airfix Dassault Super Mystere
May 15 the 1/72 Matchbox Dassault Mystere
May 3 the 1/72 P1127 model
April 12 simple 1/72 build of the Dassault Mystere jet
March 29 on special request made PDF for 1/32 Hasegawa F-16A
March 9 small update on the 1/72 conversion of a two seater TF-102....
Jan 16 started modelling a 1/72 scale P-1127 using the old Airfix kit
Dec 31, 2011 just before New Year, a modelling report on the two seater TF-102.... 
Dec 24 continued the build of the F-86 Sabres in 1/72 scale ...
Dec 18 did a quick build on the MPM McDonnell XF-85 Goblin, the "parasite fighter"
Nov 14 started the build of a couple of Sabres in 1/72 scale: RAF Canadair F-86 Sabre and F-86K Sabre Royal Neth AF
Oct 5 made a straight out of the box 1/72 F-102 Delta Dagger
Sept 23 a trio of F-106 Delta Darts
Sept 14 started a series of simple build of the Convair F-106 Delta Dart in 1/72 scale...
Sept 12 the Thunderflash and Thunderstreak models..
Aug 12 started modelling three Republic Thunderflash and Thunderstreaks..
July 17 made a ART model of the Yakovlev Yak-36 FREEHAND 
July 15 added a quick build of the HobbyBoss 1/72 F-84G Thunderjet of the Thunderbirds
June 22 next model in LvA biplanes: Pfalz D-IIIa
June 8 made a simple model of the British HP-115 prototype
June 2 the 1/32 Mikoyan Mig-23
May 14 started a build with the 1/32 Mikoyan Mig-23 Flogger using the Trumpeter kit
April 3 building the Nieuport 21 biplane used by the Dutch Luchtvaart Afdeeling (LvA)
March 18 a new series of modelling reports on interned biplanes for Dutch LvA: RAF SE-5a
March 4 the 1/32 LTV (Vought) A-7E Corsair II of the US Navy
Feb 19 the 1/32 F-16I SUFA
Feb 12 added some conversion tips for making a F-16A from the Tamiya F-16C block 32 Thunderbird kit
Feb 11 added Flagcounter statistics
Jan 28 the F-16B Orange Jumper in 1/32 scale
Jan 7 continued with the F-16B Orange Jumper test aircraft....
Jan 2, 2011 continued with the 1/32 F-16I SUFA
Dec 18, 2010 continued modelling the 1/32 F-16B Orange Jumper
Nov 27 continued modelling the Academy kits 1/32 F-16B and started building the 1/32 F-16I SUFA
Nov 19 a look at the Whirlykits 1/32 BAC Lightning T5 two seater conversion set
Nov 17 posted on YouTube 3 video reports on SMW Telford of IPMS UK show: part 1 , part 2 , part 3
Oct 16 started conversion of the Academy F-16I into a two seater F-16B MLU ......
Sept 12 the 1/32 scale Tamiya McDonnell Douglas (Mitsubishi) F-4EJ Phantom of JASDF 
Sept 4 added real aircraft pictures of the Fokker S-14 machtrainer II
August 21 added US Navy US-3 Viking build report 
August 20 re-styled all webpages, updated information and added newer pictures on many many pages
August 5 the two seater Hunter T.mk7 in 1/32 scale
August 1 the Grumman Avenger/ Warner on 1/32 scale
July 3 continued with the 1/32 Hawker Hunter T.mk7 using the FISHER conversion 
June 25 started modelling a 1/32 model on the Hawker Hunter T.mk7 of Dutch AF using the FISHER conversion set
June 19 a first look into the 1/32 Academy F-16I SUFA two seater
May 20 my 1/32 Revell Eurofighter Typhoon model, look at IPMS The Netherlands site here.... [external link]
May 5 continued modelling the 1/32 A-7E Corsair
April 17 added several airplane model pictures with a background
April 4 started modelling the large 1/32 Trumpeter A-7E Corsair of the US NAVY
Mar 13 continued modelling on the 1/32 F-4EJ JASDF Phantom
Mar 11 I have made a review for IPMS The Netherlands of the new 1/32 Revell Eurofighter Typhoon kit, look here.... [external link]
Feb 14 finally.. continued with the 1/32 F-4EJ Phantom JASDF Tamiya built....
Jan 16, 2010  added to the Soviet model collection the Mikoyan 1.44 
Nov 20, 2009 continued modelling the 1/32 scale Grumman Avenger TBM-3W Warner AEW model conversion
Nov 12 added a 1/32 scale helicopter modelling report of the EC-135 KLPD
Oct 28 added a modelling report on the 1/72 Trumpeter BAC Lightning F6
Sept 25 continued with US NAVY models, modelling the Hobbyboss 1/72 TA-7
Sept 11 continued with US NAVY models, modelling A-7 Corsairs in 1/72 scale
August 17 continued with US NAVY models: the F-8 Crusader in 1/72 scale including an Aeronavale plane
August 14 for Dutch readers: Nederlandse pagina opgeschoond over de Fokker F-27, Fokker 50 en Fokker 60 modellen
August 8 continued with US NAVY models: the Douglas F4D Skyray at 1/72 scale
August 3 added a F-16 walk around photos in the "real aircraft section" 
July 18 man stood on the moon 40 years ago... Here is a tribute with the Airfix LM kit...
July 17 updated the model pages on the Fokker F-27 Friendship
July 12 continued with the 1/32 conversion Avenger TBM-3W Warner
July 4 started a 1/32 conversion project to build a Avenger TBM-3W Warner
June 29 continued with US NAVY models: the Hasegawa E-2C Hawkeye
May 25 started a series of modelling 1/72 US Navy aircraft after 1945: the Grumman F11 Tiger
May 13 added a straight out of the box modelling report on the 1/72 Saab Draken using the Hasegawa kit
April 24 added modelling report on two 1/72 Hawker Sea Furies
April 3 the 1/32 Hawker Sea Fury of the Dutch Naval Air Service MLD
March 10 some add ons to the 1/32 Tornado ADV...
Feb 26 continued with the 1/32 scale Hobbycraft Hawker Sea Fury....
Feb 20 the 1/32 Tornado ADV F3 conversion.....
Feb 14 started modelling the 1/32 Hobbycraft kit of the Hawker Sea Fury....
Jan 10, 2009 the 1/72 Airfix TSR-2 
Dec 31, 2008 started modelling the 1/72 Airfix TSR-2 
Dec 28 holiday period so time to do some modelling... continued detailling the 1/32 Tornado F3 ADV
Dec 27 the Gulfstream G IV;
Nov 9 added the modelling report on the Dutch AF Gulfstream G.IV transport jet
Nov 7 finished the B-1B Bone (after work on Tornado resin set and doing club work on IPMS Euro Scale Modelling)
Oct 10 sorry, the Tornado 1/32 resin set is sold out
Sept 14 look at the Tornado 1/32 conversion set and optional decals 
Aug 23 continued modelling the 1/32 Tornado ADV
Aug 18 update on the Tornado 1/32 scale ADV build and conversion set
Aug 3 added small improvements on pages on the Tornado F3 ADV progressing forward
July 26 started conversion of a RAF Tornado F3  Air Defense Variant 1/32 scale model
June 25 continued modelling the Rockwell B-1B
May 25 started modelling the Revell 1/72 Rockwell B-1B "B one" model
April 12 added high resolution pictures on many pages
March 24 the French Aquilon 203 conversion
March 2 the 1/32 Sea Venom and continued with the French Aquilon
Feb 16 continued modelling the 1/32 Sea Venom and French Aquilon
Feb 8 the 1/72 Revell model of the Breguet Atlantic
Jan 27 continued modelling the 1/32 Sea Venom and French Aquilon
Jan 26 added pictures of the real Dornier Do-228 of the Dutch Coast Guard
Jan 21 started modelling 1/32 Revell (former Matchbox) De Havilland Sea Venom and French Aquilon
Jan 6  added larger pictures on many 1/32 models
Jan 2, 2008 Starting modelling the 1/72 Revell Breguet MPA Atlantic model

Dec 27, 2007 a new Soviet 1/72 model, the Sukhoi T-4 Sotka from AModel
Dec 12 added a Diana diorama on the F-16 MLU in 1/32 scale....
Nov 4 finished the Northrop NF-5A 1/32 model
Oct 24 due to large number of building reports, improved navigation pages
Oct 18 continued work on the 1/32 NF-5A model
Oct 17 added the Westland Wyvern to the FAA collection using the Trumpeter 1/72 kit
Oct 13 two Anigrand resin 1/72 kits made of the McDonnell XHJD-1 Whirlaway and XV-1 Convertiplane
Sept 28 two Chinese fighter jet aircraft models
Sept 21 the MLD in large scale: 1/32 Avenger
Sept 16 continued with the Grumman Avenger 1/32 scale modelling report on page 3...
Sept 7 updated the Grumman Avenger 1/32 scale modelling report with page 2...
Sept 2 started converting the 1/32 scale Trumpeter  Grumman Avenger to a TBM-3S2
Sept 1 added a Fujimi model in 1/72 scale of the F-4EJ JASDF
August 4 continued with the F-4EJ on page 4...
August 1 continued with the F-4EJ on page 3...
July 31 added a real aircraft detail photo report on the Lockheed P-3C Orion of Dutch MLD
July 10 continued modelling the Tamiya F-4EJ Phantom of the JASDF
June 24 started investigating the Tamiya 1/32 F-4EJ JASDF Phantom model
June 22 started modelling two current Chinese Fighter aircraft: J-10 and F-8
June 21 added a SOTB modelling report of the Hasegawa 1/72 RF-4B
June 18 Paris air show Le Bourget 2007 photo report
June 16 added a photo report on the Dutch AF Open day 2007 at Volkel
May 27 continued work on the Northrop NF-5
May 22 added a couple of links to YouTube videos of the Sukhoi SeaFlanker (must see!)
April 15 continued work on the 1/32 NF-5A
April 13 the Condor kit Mig-25 Foxbat
March 31 added modelling report on the Condor 1/72 kit Mikoyan Mig-25P
March 25 the 1/32 F-16 models of Academy and Tamiya
March 23 added new page on the Academy 1/32 KF-16C
March 20 continued work on the Academy 1/32 KF-16C
March 12 continued work on the Tamiya 1/32 F-16C
March 4  information added on the chaff/flare dispenser for the NF-5
Feb 18 continued work on the 1/32 Tamiya F-16C 
Feb 11 1/32 Hawker Hunters
Feb 5 improved pictures on old 1/72 model pages
Jan 31 added a 1/72 page on Modern Japanese Jets
Jan 29 the Vickers Valiant 1/72 MACH2 kit
Jan 26 updated layout on American, British and French prototype aircraft
Jan 7 added the Amodel Tupolev Tu-128 Fiddler modelling report
Jan 5, 2007 updated 1/32 Hunters modelling report
Dec 31, 2006 did some work on the 1/72 Vickers Valiant and 1/32 NF-5
Dec 30 continued work on 1/32 Hunters and made some corrections to the pages
Dec 27 started modelling 1/32 scale Hawker Hunters
Dec 20 more work on the 1/32 NF-5A 
Dec 10 continued work on the Vickers Valiant 1/72 kit of MACH2
Dec 2 continued work on the 1/32 NF-5A
Nov 12 added some extra pictures on the SU-33
Nov 5 the SU-33 1/32 naval Sea Flanker model conversion
Nov 3 new modelling report on a 1/32 scale Northrop NF-5A conversion
Oct 1 two Mirage III models on 1/32 scale
Sept 30 corrected wrong links on 1/72 scale models page; Thanks Damian for pointing this out.
Sept 20 started on the Revell 1/32 Dassault Mirage III modelling report
Sept 15 continued work on the 1/32 Sea Flanker
August 25 the Scimitar on the FAA pages
August 24 added Bell X-22A to the American Prototypes pages
August 13 started modelling the MACH2 Vickers Valiant 1/72 kit
August 5 the Mig-15 UTI and Mig-17 / J-5 in 1/32 scale
July 16 almost ready with the Hasegawa F-16 kits....
July 15 updated 1/32 Hasegawa F-16 modelling report
June 26 added third japanese trainer model: Fuji T-3
May 21 modelling report started on the big 1/32 Tamiya F-16C kit
May 5 modelling report on Sea Flanker in 1/32 scale page 2....
April 27 started modelling a Sea Flanker in 1/32 scale by conversion of the Trumpeter kit
April 7 FAA model in progress: Czech master 1/72 Scimitar
March 5 six early Soviet jets
Feb 5 added FAA Wessex HAS.3 model; added some extra pictures on FAA pages
Feb 4 several FAA models:  Gannet, Sea Vixen, Buccaneer
Jan 27 added a page on modern Japanese trainers : Fuji T-1 and Kawasaki T-4
Jan 26 FAA Royal Navy F-4K Phantom
Jan 12, 2006  updated Buccaneer, F-4K and Sea Vixen on the FAA pages
Dec 23, 2005 added modelling the FAA Blackburn Buccaneer
Dec 2 further modelling on the 1/32 F-16 Falcons
Dec 1 improved 1/32 Echelon model BAC Lightning page 
Nov 18 new modelling report on Grumman F9F Panther in 1/32 scale
Nov 6 added large conversion project Eurocopter AS 532 U2 Cougar helicopter in 1/32 scale
Nov 2 added new Page 2 on Czech aircraft
Nov 1 updated page and several Czech aircraft
Oct 29 added 1/32 scratch missiles to F-15I IAF and F-2 JASDF
Oct 28 added modelling report several Czech AF aircraft
Oct 14 AModel Tu-160 BlackJack
Oct 8 back from vacation, will update site soon!
August 4 added F-15I Israeli AF model based on Tamiya kit in 1/32 scale
July 24 added some extra F-2 pictures 
July 23 nearly Mitsubishi F-2 JASDF fighter aircraft
July 14 update early soviet jets modelling report 
July 8 added new modelling report on Early Soviet jets
July 1 added Hasegawa 1/32 F-16 pages to the Academy and Tamiya reports;
June 24 updated Tupolev Tu-160, Sea Vixen page; The Workshop page; added FAA F-4K Phantom modelling report
May 27 updated Tupolev TU-160 and 1/32 scale F-2 fighter modelling report
May 12 merged separate websites into one Xs4all hosting; Update Tupolev Tu-160 BlackJack modelling report
May 7 update on Japans JASDF F-2 fighter ;  New page on Academy and Tamiya F-16 Fighting Falcons in 1/32 Scale 
April 11 update and added page Tu-160 Black Jack
April 8 update Mikoyan Mig-15UTI and Mig-17  modelling report
April 4 new modelling report on AModel Tu-160 Black Jack
March 5 added FAA DeHavilland Sea Vixen modelling report
Feb 9 FAA models of SeaMew, Attacker and Sea Venom
Feb 6 added modelling project Mitsubishi F-2 JASDF fighter in 1/32 scale
Jan 28 update FAA Supermarine Attacker page 
Jan 23 update FAA aircraft in Progress report...
Jan 17 new In Progress report Fleet Air Arm aircraft: Seamew, Sea Venom, Attacker and Gannet
Dec 11 F-15B in 1/32 scale of 32 TFS Soesterberg AFB finished
Nov 26 December 1 this site will be up and running for 5 Years ! 
Oct 31 updated F-15 modelling report in 1/32 scale 
Oct 17 added new modelling report on 3x F-15 Eagles in 1/32 scale ;Completed the F-18 Hornets page in 1/32 scale 
Sept 19 updated Mig-15 and Mig-17 modelling report
Aug 8 added new In Progress Report on Mig-15 UTI Conversion and Mig-17  (Trumpeter kits)
June 17 huge Amodel 1/72 Antonov-22 Antei (NATO COCK)
June 13 Trumpeter 1/32 huge F-105D Thunderchief and  Mikoyan Mig-21 models
May 19 updated 1/32 modelling reports on F-105D, Mig-21 and F-18's
May 15 updated F-105D Thunderchief and F-18's in 1/32 scale...
April 18 updated Trumpeter 1/32 F-105D modelling report
April 2 added new Trumpeter 1/32 F-105D Thunderchief modelling report.... 
March 9 updated F-18 in Progress on 1/32 scale
March 6 B-66 Destroyer plane;updated Mig-21 on 1/32 scale build report
February 7 updated B-66 in progressand added A129 mangusta helo
January 5 updated Trumpeter Mig-21s in progress report
December 22 Tupolev Badger; updated F-18 in progress
December 12 added in progress report of F-18's and Mig-21UM
December 6 added Hangar pictures
November 1 A-10 of Trumpeter in 1/32 scale
October 3 A-10 in Progress report update 
Sept 22 added conversion of a SR-71 into a Lockheed YF-12A
Sept 03 added F-18 In progress report on 1/32 scale
Sept 03 in progress F-14D Tomcat in 1/32
July 12 updated F-14 Tomcat in Progress...
June 09 added Mig-21 DDR and IAF in progress pages; added various new pictures on Soviet planes
June 06 updated Mig-21 page [7]
May 25 updated F-14 on 1/32 scale in progress... ; finished American Eagle racer
May 18 updated Mig-21 in progress and added UM page
May 06 updated Mig-21 in progress (page 6) 
April 22 updated Mig-21 in progress, X-4 Bantam
April 6 Italeri S-37 Berkut and update Eagle in progress...
March 28 2 new In progress reports: F-14 Tomcat and American Eagle Racer in 1/32
March 3 Mitsubishi MU-2 in progress
March 2 final update EH-101 and update A-10 in progress on 1/32
March 01 Italeri EH-101 models...
February 26 added Mitsubishi MU-2 in progress report...
February 23 update Mig-21 1/32  and EH-101  in progress
February 7 update A-10 and EH-101 in progress...
February 2 updated A-10 in progress 
January 24 updated A-10 in Progress...
January 19 added "The Workshop" 
January 16 in progress reports:updated A-10 ; nex MPM X-4 Bantam 
January 5 added Italeri EH-101 Merlin / Cormorant in progress report...
December 31, 2002 update and nearly F-14 in progress...
December 25, 2002 update Fujimi 1/72 F-14 in progress report
December 8, 2002 Trumpeter A-10 in Progress...
November 16, 2002 out of the Black: Boeing Bird of Prey
November 7, 2002 extra: Boeing 247 United Airlines
November 3, 2002 moved 1/32 site content to remote site (automatically linked)
November 2, 2002 the Fokker 60 model Classic Plane
October 30, 2002 updated Fokker 60 in progress...
October 27, 2002 updated Fokker 50 and Fokker 60 in progress....
October 13, 2002 improved and added several new pictures;  Update Fokker 60 in Progress
September 8, 2002 Mig-21 on 1/32 in progress
August 19, 2002 update in progress Fokker 60 and 1/32 Mig-21
August 6, 2002 Grumman EA-6A Intruder and EA-6B
July 27, 2002 Douglas DC-2 in progress
July 23, 2002 update B-66 Destroyer in progress
July 20, 2002 Hasegawa A-3B Skywarrior
July 12, 2002 four 1/72 Douglas A-4 Skyhawks
July 06, 2002 updates in several progress reports
June 29, 2002 parallel site opened to increase capacity
June 28, 2002 in progress: new F-14 of Fujimi; update A-3, A-4, Fokker 60
June 15, 2002 in progress Hasegawa A-3 and Italeri B-66
June 14, 2002 added real aircraft pictures on: AB-204B, Seahawk, NATO NH-90, Wasp, Lynx
May 21, 2002 updated Dutch helo, Seahawk, F-16
May 19, 2002 added In Progress... Skyhawks and Fokker 60
May 5, 2002 two 1/32 F-104 Starfighters
April 21, 2002 in Progress Update on F-104 Starfighter
April 6, 2002 in Progress updates: F-104, Tu-16 , A-6 Intruder
April 2, 2002 Rutan Voyager; added 2001 "Orion III"
March 23, 2002 added more Seahawk pics; updated Badger
March 22, 2002 MPM Seahawk; updated Mig-21
Feb 22, 2002 update Mig-21 in progress project
Feb 15, 2002 update Tu-16 Badger and Mig-21 in progress
Feb 11, 2002 update Mig-21 in progress
Feb 10, 2002 MiG-21 in 1/32: Trumpeter and Revell in progress..
Feb   2, 2002 Italeri S-55,updated Chinook
Jan  30, 2002 general maintenance on the site (many pages made up to date)
Jan  27, 2002 finally.... update DC-2, XP-56 bullet
Nov   9  added TF-104 and RF-104G in progress updates
Nov   8  added Grumman A-6 "in progress" and updated more than 5 "in progress" reports. 
Oct 14  added Douglas DC-2 in progress report..
Oct   6  added American USAF Century series fighter
Douglas DC-2 conversion/scratch model "in progress..."
Sept 30  added Trumpeter Tu-16 Badger, MPM XP-56, MPM SeaHawk and Rutan Voyager from A-model "in progress reports.."
July 29  updated the Thunderjet page...
July 28  Dutch AF Northrop  NF-5A/B and GD F-16A/B added
July 26  new feature: Dutch Helicopters (both Navy and AF): Chinook, SH-34, AB-412, AB-204, Alouette III, Lynx, ....
July 22  added Academy kit Republic F-84G Thunderjet
July 21  added upon request installed Search engine on my site
July 20  added new page EE Canberra's
added new page Handley Page Victor Zvezda Mig-31 Foxhound
added EAP to British Prototype page
July 15  SF X-32, X-35 and Saab J-39 Gripen
July 10  updated several pages on:
American X-planes
MiG-31 in progress
X-32 JSF in progress
X-35 JSF in progress
Saab Gripen in progress
Fokker 50 model recently issued
Soviet Backfire and Blinder pics...
S-55 in progress
June 12 added American X-planes (corrected XB-35)
June 2 Starfighter in progress page 5...
May 28 added British Prototypes and French prototypes model pages
May 24 split F-104 model page and added update
April 28 updated Starfighter page
April 20 added (T)F-104G Starfighter models in 1/32 
February 11 added Zvezda Mig-31 First Look
February 10 updated X-32 JSF in progress
February 4 updated X-32 JSF and X-35 in progress
February 3 added Revell S-55 and Gripen in progress.... and XB-70 Valkyrie!
February 2 added Italeri X-35 in progress report
January 29 added Fairchild A-10 Model section
January 28 added more Soviet stuff including Helo's!
January 26 added special Soviet Aircraft Models ; updated Caribbean architecture
January   5  some site layout updates
December 16 added real aircraft: PC-7, S-14, Gulfstream IV 
December 15 added real aircraft info F-27 / Fokker 60 / C-130 and smaller updates
December 7 added models: Tornado, F-27, F-5E, P-3C, Marlin, XB-35 and updates
November 27 added models: Blinder, F-100, Skyraider,Skyshark, F-4J model info
November 26 added models: Lightning/XB-42/Seamaster
August 28 added models: MiG-29 pages
April 17 updated some texts
January 16, 2000 slightly updated lay-out

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