Douglas A-1E Skyraider

Skyraider model in 1/72 scale
also look at USN A-1H Skyraider

After having a US Navy Skyraider [on page 1] in the model collection, another Monogram/Revell kit no was purchased to make a USAF A-1E Skyraider. 

The kit no.04398  is similar to the Monogram kit, but in a Revell box, with Revell instructions and another decalset.

The kit's highlight is the decalsheet, with markings for:

-1- A-1E of USAF 4407 CCTS, 1 SOW at Hurlburt Florida, 1966 with a camouflage scheme
-2- AD-5 of US NAVY VA-65, based at NAS Alameda, California 1956 with an overall blue scheme
-3- A-1E of US NAVY VA-122 at NAS Leemore, California in 1968 in a gull-grey/white scheme
Only the US stars-and-bars are a bit too blueish, so a replacement is better.

Again, the model is very basic but is all right. Accuracy is OK and surprisingly for such an old model.
modelling it "straight" out the box is very well possible as done here, adding only some details. 

The cockpit is in fact only a tub with some very rudimentary parts. It was a bit detailed with sprue and parts from the scrap box.
The flaps edges were cut with a razorsaw, so they could be drooped a bit to add interest to the model. 

Some filler is needed, for example at the wing-fuselage junction. 

After filling and sanding, the model got a base coat of light grey with the airbrush. It was decided to pick a scheme as in the kit, for the USAF A-1E of the 4407 CCTS, 1 SOW at Hurlburt Florida, 1966 with a camouflage scheme in typical Vietnam/ USAF style of the sixties and seventies.

The colours airbrushed next were:
- Light grey lower surfaces FS 36622, using Mr.Hobby Gunze Sangyo acrylic H311
- Green FS 34102, using Gunze Sangyo H303
- Dark green FS 34079, Gunze Sangyo H309
- Brown FS 30219, using Gunze Sangyo H310

The upper camouflage as not masked, only the lower grey surfaces. The rest was sprayed free hand with the very good Harder Steinbeck airbrush. Do not forget the underwing stores and pylons. 

A gloss undercoat was applied using Gunze Sangyo clear H30 before appyling the decals, to prevent "silvering". 

The stars-and-bars were replaced, getting others from a Microscale decalset. The black walkway was made with a decal.
Propeller was painted as indicated with yellow tips.
The aft section of the large canopy was painted clear blue, using Tamiya Clear Blue X-23. The canopy frames were hand painted.

Finally the pitot tube and wire antenna from fishing wire as added as well as the anti-collision lights painted. The model than got a semi-matt varnish, using Johnson Pledge/Future with 5% mix of Tamiya X-21 flat base matting agent. 

NOTE: antenna wire not yet fitted


and set in some scenery.... 

Another Skyraider in the 1/72 collection. But, on the stack is another one! A Hasegawa kit, look at the

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Created December 6, 2013