Douglas A-1H Skyraider

Skyraider model in 1/72 scale

After having a US Navy Skyraider [on page 1] and USAF A-1E [ page 2] in the model collection, another Hasegawa Skyraider was found in the stack, waiting to be built....

Hasegawa kit 00073 is for a A-1H and A-1J Skyraider, with decal markings for:
-1- A-1H of US NAVY VA-152 of USS Oriskany aircraft carrier , tailcode "AH"
-2- A-1J of US NAVY VA-165 of USS Entrepid, tailcode "AK"
in the well known gull-grey / white scheme

The kit comes with a good selection of "stores". 

Made almost straight out of the box, the parts fit is good with almost no filler required. 

After filling and sanding, the model got a base coat of light grey with the airbrush. 

Although the kit decals are fine, I had a nice but very old Modeldecal sheet no.9 with a very colourfull A-1J Skyraider of USS Intrepid with the Bee marking of the rear fuselage.
The decals to be used are thus a mix of Modeldecal and kit decals.

The standard US NAVY gull-grey and with scheme was airbrushed with the Harder Steinbeck airbrush :
- White FS 37875, using Gunze Sangyo H316
- Gull-grey FS 36440, using  Gunze Sangyo H325
First, the white was airbrushed, masked with low-tack tape when dry and then the gull-grey
Do not forget the underwing stores and pylons. 

Some leading edges needed a metallic aluminium paint.

The black anti-glare panel was also masked, and airbrushed. The walkways was made with a decal and the propeller was painted as indicated with yellow tips. The smoke of the exhasut was also added with some matt black paint with the airbrush. (alternatively dry-brush). 

The anti-collision lights were also added with drop from the paint brush. Finally the pitot tube and wire antenna from fishing wire as added. 

The model than got a gloss varnish of Gunze Sangyo H30 to protect the decals and to get an even gloss sheen. 

Some "stores" were added as in the kit

a setting was suggested on the Entrepid carrier museum....

and at an airfield...

A nice bunch of Skyraiders are now in the 1/72 collection. Now, I also have a large 1/32 Zokei Mura Skyraider kit.... 

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Created December 6, 2013