Douglas A2D Skyraider
(UA-1E US Navy)

Skyraider model in 1/72 scale
The Skyraider was THE close support workhorse of the USAF and the US Navy. It was developed after the second world war and proved to be a very good and strong design.

The model shown is made from the old 1967 Monogram kit no 6807 of the A-1E and represents the UA-1E of VA-35, USN

The model is very basic but is all right. Accuracy is OK and surprisingly for such an old model.
modelling it "straight" out the box is very well possible as done here, adding only some undercarriage brake lines and antenna wires.
The markings and colour scheme was the biggest challenge. The book Skyraider in the Warpaint series no. 18 gave inspiration to try to model this VA-35 version..
The kit was sprayed with a Badger model 150 airbrush. I first overcoated the model with light grey primer. Then the wings and tailfin were sprayed mat white, followed by several coats of yellow on designated areas.

Next the orange FS12197 areas with white basic coat were masked and sprayed.

Finally, the FS36081 grey areas were masked and sprayed.

The glazed cockpit area was painted with light blue Tamiya transparant paint, giving an additional touch to the model. 

The decals were collected from Aeromaster and the spare decal box. Finally, some details were added such as the wires.

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Created November 27, 2000
Updated October 2013