KLu Airshow 2007

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The Royal Netherlands Air Force (KLu or Koninklijke Luchtmacht) had its usual yearly airshow at Volkel AFB, The Netherlands at June 15 and 16 2007. Static parked aircraft and flight demo's were given.

The weather on Friday was a bit cloudy with some showers, but otherwise there were no flight restrictions. A number of announced aircraft did not appear unfortunately, like the Belgian Seaking and Dutch AF F-16 (J-018) suffered a bird strike during rapid take-off, you could hear a "bang". The pilot fortunately could recover at 300 ft and safely land the plane, which was a very courageous thing to do. 

Highlights at the show were the Turkish Stars demonstration team, flying former Dutch NF-5 aircraft, and the Spanish F-18 demo. At the end, the French Patrouille de France display was excellent as usual. This last team had to limit their show on Saturday because of very bad thunder storms.

Here is a photo impression of Friday 15 June 2007.

(c) photos by Meindert de Vreeze and Marcel Bouman.

Patrouille de France Alpha jets over the flight line at Volkel

Tornado GR.4 from the UK

KLu F-16 MLU

Dutch civil registered twoseater Hunter *(N-321 Hunter Mk7 )

SpangDahlem A-10A 52nd FW/81st USAF

12-18 , the EF-18A from Spain

NH-90 flight test helicopter from Eurocopter.

3713 Sukhoi Su-22 40Elt  from Poland

French naval Rafale M

Tornado ECR JBG32  from Germany

F-16A Esq201 from Portugal

Super Etendard from France

French Mirage 2000 from EC00.012   FAF7640

Rafale front view

Learjet target tug plane

line up of KLu helicopters and at far right the German CH-53G

AH-64D Royal Netherlands AF, note the very dark appearance

Polish Antonov An-26, 1509; in a very attractive scheme

Gulfstream from the KLu, V-11, G.1159C from 334Sqn RNeth AF

Dutch operated Catalina

Citation laboratory aircraft from Technical University Delft and NLR 

XX478 , the Jetstream T.2 from 750Sq , Royal Navy

8473, German operated Sikorsky CH-53G from MTHR15

L-39 landing Albatross

Hungarian JAS 39 Gripen

Turkey Stars demo team
                       3013 NF-5A 134Filo/Turkish Stars TAF032C
                       3016 NF-5A 134Filo/Turkish Stars TAF030B
                       3027 NF-5A 134Filo/Turkish Stars TAF030A
                       3036 NF-5A 134Filo/Turkish Stars TAF031A
                       3039 NF-5A 134Filo/Turkish Stars TAF031B
                       3042 NF-5A 134Filo/Turkish Stars TAF032A
                       3055 NF-5A 134Filo/Turkish Stars TAF032B
                       4005 NF-5B 134Filo/Turkish Stars TAF031C
                       4019 NF-5B 134Filo/Turkish Stars TAF030C

L-39 Breitling team

59-1469, Boeing KC-135R 459th ARW , USAF



CH-47 Chinook from Dutch AF

Dutch Alouette III helicopter

Spanish CN 235M


P-3C Orion from US NAVY, with special antenna as seen below

PC-7's demo from Switzerland

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