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F-2 model in 1/32 scale
Conversion from a F-16 kit

Now, the decals/ markings should be added... They have to be sorted together, and partly need to home made.

The various markings were now to be applied. As no decals exist in this scale for the particular F-2, getting decals from various sources and making some home-made decals was necessary.

- The Japanese roundels with white edges were sought after. I found the Tally Ho! set 72002 " Japanese schragermusik" having the 6 required correct diameter roundels of  16 mm and 11 mm diameter.

- The rescue markings were home made, a 1/48 sheet being scanned of a Hasegawa F-2 kit and enlarged. They were then printed on Bare Metal Foil Inktjet decal; these were brushed over with Johnson Klear.

- various F-16 were similar to the F-2 and used; they came from the used basic Revell but also Hasegawa F-16 kit decals.  

- the various walkway stripes were cut using XtraDecal striping set. They are white. 

- the Japanese stencilling is very small in size so "getting the desired effect" is good enough. For that purpose, the smaller white stencilling came from a rub-off Verlinden set witrh various no steps.

- the lettering and numbers came from left over decals of a 1/72 Hasegawa Orion P-3 kit.

Decals were applied using water, but also MicroScale SOL and SET to get a good surface fit. 

The landing gear was added. Some oil striping and weathering was applied using water based acrylic paint.
The overall F-2 model got some darkened panellines, rivetting etc ... but not exaggerated! The F-2 is very wel maintained by its crews and is a fine splendid flying aircraft! 

Various cockpit views


The fuel receptable... with filled in metal area

The wing tips and stabilizers got their static dischargers, made from thin metal wire. Note that they are applied of not always the lower surface!

The cockpit received now a bit more detailling with various knobs, switches and instruments. The resemblance with the F-16 is quite extra ordinary. I also added the various "remove before flight" safety warning flags. These were made from with glossy paper. 

The wing pylons got some hinges obtained from spare pylons from other kits; however, stores are still to be fitted, so pylons are not ready yet.

Note the static electricity discharger strips on the nose radar; these were made from stretched sprue.



The F-2 model is itself now almost complete, but not yet ready..... 

Another couple of views of the F-2 JASDF fighter aircraft model....

    what can be clearly seen here are the added details in the canopy

Details on the lower fuselage area aft of the radome, made with some decals

There are a special rectangular markings near the LEX's. These were also added with white decal stripes from XtraDecal.

The F-2 model needs some extra "stores". 
The wing tanks and central fuel tank are similar to those of the F-16, even the markings are similar (and in English). They were added as supplied in the kit.... (remember... I used the Revell kit as a starting point)

Note the special ranging pod at the lower side of the intake. 

There are some peculiar round markings at the LEX of F-2; these were obtained from a spare dry transfer set from Verlinden. Also note the details in front of the windscreen. Next, a semi matt finish varnish was applied for which Johnson Future varnish was used, with some Tamiya Matting agent (15%) mixed in.



  Dramatic forward view showing the "fast" lines of the F-2 Japanese fighter

Later on, some typical Japanese stores are still to be added. I want to add the JASDF AAM-3 "Sidewinder like" AA missile and a very colourful ASM-2 "Harpoon like" missile that I saw on pictures.

The Sidewinder missile can be made by changing the fins on a normal AIM-9L Sidewinder.
The will have to be made from scratch.  

The "Japanese" AAM-3 Sidewinder was made from an old normal US Sidewinder with new fins from card.

The ASM-2 missile was made from a spare "Harpoon" missile from a 1/32 Academy F-18 kit. A belly fairing was added with new fins.

Red-yellow markings were made with spare decal.

The missiles are seen here on the F-2 installed on the pylon and wing tip.

F-2 put on a real "ramp", somewhere on a Japanese airbase...

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