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F-2 model in 1/32 scale
Conversion from a F-16 kit

Before painting, several layer of grey base coats were added to check for any errors in filling, sanding, panellines etc. This reveals all flaws. Several corrections were necessary. Below, the junction between the inboard "card" wing and fuselage and outher wing can be seen. Still some sanding is needed, but it is almost OK now.

The overall model received its pylons etc as they can by airsprayed in one go. Also, the dorsal fins were added, unchanged from the F-16 kit.

After a light grey base coat (Humbrol 64 light grey enamel was used but any brand can be used), it was time to apply the final coats.

Now there comes up a problem. What are the correct colours of this plane?
The 1/72 kit of Hasegawa indicates 

a. Mr.Color no. 72 / Mr.Hobby Gunze Sangyo 56 medium blue for the overall lower/upper ;
b. Mr.Color no. 14 / Mr.Hobby Gunze Sangyo 54 navy blue for camo pattern on top. 

It was difficult to assess the correct colours. From other sources, I found suggestions as to use Federal Standard FS35164 and FS35109. Suggestions were Gunze Sangyo 56 equivalent to be Humbrol 144 (being about FS35164). For Gunze 54 = Humbrol 77 was suggested.
Now, I got the impression looking at various real pictures of the F-2 that the colors were more blue"ish" than grey"ish".

Looking  again at the vast array of paints and colour pictures, I first selected the following paints:
a.  Xtracolor  X603 Flanker blue for the overall coat
b.  a mix of  75% Xtracolor  X125 (FS15164) + 25% X163 blue angels blue
for the camo pattern on top of the plane. 

NOTE: Mr.Color has for medium shallow ocean blue (a) C374 and for deep ocean blue (b) C375 lacquer paints:

mr color lacquer

The basic model seen with its overal coat. The other colour of the upper camouflage pattern is not yet applied.

Some of the other parts. The exhaust has the F-16C GE-100 engine feathers and these are supplied in the 1/32 Revell kit. 
The Revell F-16 cockpit canopy is obviously a single part. I needed to convert it as the F-2 has a very different canopy that the F-16. I also had to make the various hinge parts etc. 

The F-2 windscreen was made from a piece of transparant plastic as it is single curved. The whole canopy was thus  changed in shape and the whole canopy is in a more forward position on a F-2. 

Below, some detail in the main wheel bays can be seen made from stretched sprue. Still to be further detailed. 

...and the cockpit area

Next steps are to apply the darker camouflage colour. 
After that, to build up the inner cockpit section and adding other parts.

The initial selected colours were not convincing me as I looked at the model and various pictures of the real plane. Again, I started experimenting with various shades of blue and grey.
I found the following to be the best selection:

a.  Overall color Blue:  CREATEX acrylic  Slate Blue/ "Schiefergrau"; [ it looks like Fed.Standard 35190 ]
b.  Pattern:  Humbrol 104 Grey/BLue enamel paint [ it looks like Fed.Standard 35053 ]

The model was now sprayed with these colours and the particular dark blue/grey camo pattern masked as needed.

Some overspray you always get (!^@?^!) and  was again corrected. 

I think this is a convincing result now. At last I could get on with the rest of this model.
Obviously the lower area is the overall blue and the pylons were set in place to spray them also. 


Finally, I applied several coats of Johnson Future to get a glosh result, ready to take on the later decals. 

The F-2 has a windscreen! The hinged canopy section required a bit longer rear arm than I originally thought. This was made with some white card and the  fuselage section at the rear screen was also adapted.


The canopy got some internal details. It is detachable as two thin metal wires hold it in place with two small holes drilled in at the rear of the cockpit.  

The F-2 instrument panel was made by converting a spare Hasegawa F-16 panel I had. I added the F-16"C" type CRT screens.

The inner F-2 cockpit area is quite small as is the F-16 cockpit and really not so big. With some stock card en sprue, details were added. Note that the used Revell F-16 tub already has some raised details. The side walls were also not forgotten.

The F-2 wheels came from a spare set I had from the Hasegawa 1/32 F-16 kit. The Revell F-16 gear legs were adjusted and will get these wheels later on. I had to drill out the hole in the brake parts. For strength, small pieces of metal rod will be used at the aisle. 

The nose wheel gear bay is seen here

and the main gear bay. Some extra colours are to be added later on. 

the small cockpit got a set of instrument panels from decals and some raised detail from sprue and card. The main instrument panel looking like the F-16"C" panel was also added. Otherwise the cockpit is pretty clean. 

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