Grumman TBM-3W
Warner of MLD
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Avenger TBM-3W Warner AEW in 1/32 scale 
Dutch Naval Air Arm (Marine Luchtvaart Dienst MLD) 
modelling report
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The MLD TBM-3W Warner planes had either a dark sea blue (first scheme) at the overall airframe or a dark sea grey upper surfaces and sky lower surfaces (later scheme). The Dark Sea Blue FS25042 scheme was picted.

The blue is a colour that needs several coats to get a good result, so I decided to already at this stage apply a couple of coats with the Steinbeck airbrush, using Xtracolour X121 enamel  for the FS25042. 
  FS 25042 >>>> 

The cockpit area was masked off to protect it. 

The large radome seen under the fuselage

(The rear hump proved to be a difficult spot as I had some trouble with the curing of the resin. I had to install a new resin part, which caused delay in finishing my model). 

The small stabilizing fins on the stabilizer.

After the coats dried up, this revealed that additional minor filling is still necessary. This will be done next, with again some blue coats to be added. 

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