McDonnell Douglas (Mitsubishi)
F-4EJ Phantom II
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Tamiya F-4EJ model kit in 1/32 scale 
Modelling report

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The model was now complete, here the results are seen. 

NOTE: The armament with Sparrows and Sidewinder missiles are not yet seen fitted....

Radar details seen here again.... 

View of the exhaust area

 ladder comes with the kit . The HUD/gun sight can be seen here as well under the windscreen. 

 F-4EJ slotted stabilizer view as well. Note subtle variation is shades. 

 the lower airbrake is slightly set open and is painted red. 

 note the mirrors in mid-windscreen frame, the yellow/black handles are opening canopies swith handles. 

The JASDF F-4EJ CODE BUZZ 438 of no.305 squadron plane at Hyakuri Air Base"..... is it real? 

rear view with tilted wing tip


At the model, Sparrow missiles and Sidewinder missiles were added. The Sparrow came from the kit, the Sidewinders from an Academy F-16 kit in 1/32 scale.


Hope you like the end result. A nice 1/32 colourfull JASDF F-4EJ in the collection. 

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