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Echelon model in 1/32 scale made by Meindert de Vreeze
This is a vac form model that is excellent. The kit was developed by mr. Frank Brown from the UK who I was able to meet at the IPMS UK Nationals a long time ago. 

The kit includes fine plastic sheet parts and metal parts. Various versions of the Lightning supersonic interceptor of the RAF can be made. 

The vacuform kit is a real achievement in what can be done through vacuforming and details parts from brass/metal. The kit is beautifully engineered and today, at 2005, is very rare as it is out of production for quite some years now. 

UPDATED NOTE: 2009 Trumpeter of China issued an injection moulded 1/32 kit of the Lightning. It needs some shape corrections however.

The Echelon model will be built to represent a F2A of RAF 92 Squadron King Cobras at Gutersloh, 1971. See also WIKI Info

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An overview of what you get in the Echelon kit: 

very large decal sheet !over 1 feet wide!

below... click on thumbnails as desired....


and a very comprehensive set of instructions and drawings

some parts are seen here (note: some have already been prepared and removed from the backing sheet)

Vacuform parts & metal parts


The model was built using the usual vacu form techniques. Fit was very good and metal parts were very welcome indeed. You need to study the instructions  very carefully as the kit enables you to make different Lightning variants.

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- BAC Lightning, Aircraft illustrated special, Braybrook

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