Panavia Tornado F3 ADV (Air Defense)
1/32 scale conversion 
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Tornado ADV model in 1/32 scale

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KIT STEPS 27-30 (RAF kit 04705 steps 26-29)
Assemble the intakes. There is a strange triangular gap in the inner intake side of each; I covered these gaps with very thin plastic card.

The intakes should fit the rear fuselage and the resin plug as inner section. Remove positioning pins on backs of intake plates #69+73. 

KIT STEP 53 (RAF kit 04705 steps 52-53)
The ADV has a single Mauser canon on the right side, so fill the gun nozzle. (on the ECR kit use part #207). 
The Tornado ADV has slightly different scoops, fairings and antennas. Check references as there are small differences between aircraft. Leave these for later assembly to avoid damage. 

Do not fit part #204 but indeed close the left gun nozzle opening with part #207. Fill and sand smooth. 
The probe #109 is more forward on the Tornado ADV. Fill the locator gap and re-position as indicated on the fuselage side drawing.

The major airframe parts have been assembled. Next, re-scribe some panellines. Fill small holes with putty or Mr.Surfacer liquid putty and sand the whole model and clean up. It is a good idea to spray an overall coat of light grey paint primer to check for any flaws.

It is now a good idea to spray an overall coat of light grey paint primer to check for any flaws, do some extra filling to get a perfect result. The result below is seen after a single pass with light grey with the airbrush. At first impression, it comes out pretty well.

a first look. The ADV Tornado has a very particular shape of the nose where it meets the main fuselage just like in the real plane

rear section with extended jet pipe area

some tiny holes still to be filled in the fin base (will use Mr. Surfacer liquid putty for that)

Forward section, note inscribed refuelling system doors

details still to fitted in ADV F3 cockpit but the basics are there

In the red encircled area on the spine some extra putty is needed to get a straight look. But nothing popped up that can not be solved.

 a view of the extended wing root leading edge

 lower view, note the two forward missile recesses.

  detail of jet pipe extension area on the ADV F3

Some other parts also good a first coat of grey, including the seat with new resin head rest/top


 UK flag


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OK, did some extra filling in some areas. Here are the results.

The spine is OK now and no additional filling is needed.
tail area

As noted before: the rear Skyflash missiles on a real Tornado are not recessed. They are attached straight on the rear fuselage. 
 Next to these missiles, long fairings can be seen. These can be made from plastic strip , plastic card and rod sanded in shape
 (they are too small to mould in resin). 

Belly with the aft missile fairings made from strip.

seat in medium grey primer

Next step is detailling, starting with the cockpit interior. 

But let us look at possible paint schemes:

Decals & markings
While building my own 1/32 model Tornado ADV F3, I discovered that the Tornado ADV has particular walkways and squadron markings which would be difficult to make yourself or to find elsewhere. 

So I have created four small decal sheets. This would help subtantially to make a nice 1/32 scale Tornado model. The decal test print uses a mixed technique as to keep costs as low as possible. The decals are home made and therefor will not meet the highest quality standards. However, when working with care, they can be used quite well.

Stenciling and airframe markings from the Revell kit decals can be used. 

Tornado walkways on top of fuselage and wing are complex with dotted lines. These are provided in white decal lines. 

Four decal sheets are in this set (Decals size is approx 20 x 22 cm / 8 x 9 inch):

1.  White stenciling and walkway striping on clear decal sheet

2.  Black lettering and serials on clear decal sheet. Serials and numbers can be made by combining each letter/number that you need. 

3.  Squadron markings and details on white decal sheet. Pick the ones needed 

4.  Additional Squadron markings and details on white decal sheet. 

Decals come with full instructions and decals need cutting out and they have one underlying carrier film. Particularly those decals printed on white decal sheet need a carefull cut out with sharp scissors. 

7 Schemes provided in the Tornado ADV 1/32 decals set

A number of different schemes are provided in the decals set and by combining, variations in particular Tornado schemes as seen in a single squadron can be achieved. 

Main decals are provided for:

No. 11 squadron RAF , Leeming, 2003-2005 
Barley and light grey finish 627
Scheme with black tail and spine is possible, but also without black markings. Different layouts of birds emblems on tail. Birds have usually a thin white outline, so cut slightly outside the birds contrours. When applying to a black tail, apply decal over  white lower underground. 
Toned down national markings (roundels and flag). On fuselage squadron marking another toned down roundel can be applied. Yellow codes and serials are seen on black tail, make these from spare decals. 

No. 41 squadron RAF/ FJWOEU in year 2006
Camouflage grey 626 and light grey finish 627
White-red-white band squadron marking. On nose, grey area in the marking (overpaint with fine paint brush. The birds were “over painted”  grey in the tail crest later on. Toned down national markings (roundels and flag). 

No. 229 OCU of 11 group RAF
Barley and light grey finish 627
Torch and sword with lion squadron marking. Carefully cut out the decal to retain white area with red lines on fuselage squadron marking. Toned down national markings (roundels and flag), also on intakes.  Black tail code. 

No. 43 squadron RAF at Leuchars around 2006
Medium sea grey 637 overall
Black - white checkers on tailfin. Carefully cut out the decal to retain white areas.  White tail code with small chicken markings on tail. 

FJWOEU unit at Waddington , 2004
Camouflage grey 626 and light grey finish 627
Gloss red tail with winged sword. Apply decal over white underground. Blue 1984-2004 lettering seen on tail fin, make from spare decals. White serial. Toned down national markings (roundels and flag). 

No. 25 squadron RAF at Leeming, 2006
Medium sea grey 637 overall
Black outlined light grey tail band on tail, trim to fit. Black code and serial. Small falcon bird markings on tail. 

Italian AF, no. 12 Gruppo
Colour grey unknown, probably medium sea grey overall. 
Small round outline with falcon on tail. Make green arrow outline from thin spare green striping decals from spare box. Add small white stripe in main large serial on nose. Small (probably light grey) serials on fin. Many variations are seen, study pictures. 

Decals can be purchased seperately or combined with the kit. (note: limited availability, first come, first serve). Look here for ordering information....... 

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