De Havilland Sea Venom
RAN & French Aquilon
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Sea Venom model in 1/32 scale CONVERSION  by Meindert de Vreeze
Modelling report

... continueing building the 1/32 Sea Venom and Aquilon models.... (from page 3...)

Step 34
The folding wing option will be applied on the Aquilon model and requires adding some details to the wing folding mechanisms. To add strength, a thick metal wire was used from a thick paperclip. 

Steps 35-37
The pilot figures were discarded. 

Step 38
The ejection seats in the kit are a bit basic. These were detailed with strip and card. It seems that the seats are (based on) Martin Baker mk.4A. 
On Internet a picture was found, but I am not sure if this is correct. 

The seat activation handle was made from red stretched sprue on the Sea Venom.
I closed the open rear of the seat with tape, cut to the contours and simply added details to kit part from strip, tape and belts & buckles pieces of etched metal to add realisme. The seat cushions seem to be leather colour.
.For the French Aquilon, some sources suggest similar seats were used, maybe licensed to SNCASE. No more information could be found, so I only changed the seat activation wire colour to yellow.

The seats do fit into the tiny space in the cockpit tub. 

Steps 41-47
The undercarriages were assembled as shown. Some minor details were added from thin metal wire and the legs painted aluminium. The nose wheel looks strange but is OK as on the aircraft anti-shimmy tyres were used. I had trouble aligned bot nose wheel halves, som simply sand the glueing surface flat and join.

The wheels can be "rotated"; I left out the parts #34 and fixed the wheels to the legs. Painting the wheel hub requires a steady hand. Make sure to align the wheels 90 degrees to the ground.

Steps 48-49
These cover the armament with rockets. There are some sink marks on some of the rockets. Fill these. The rockets were painted aluminium with black heads and set on to the Sea Venom.

For the Aquilon, I found a French missile look alike in the spares box. I reduced the rear length and painted it white. An underwing pylon was made from plastic thick card and sanded in shape.

Steps 50-52
The various antennas may differ between aircraft. For the Sea Venom, the belly antennas and stubs can be seen here. I replaced some antennas with thin metal wire. 

Other finishing
A hatch was opened up for the RAN Sea Venom immediately aft of the nose. Based on some vague pictures, some detail was added from strip and parts from the spares box; it is all black anyway.

As noted before, Mr. A. Dulieu / IPMS France provided some additional information on the Aquilon (see note here...)

On the Aquilon 203 model, the forward nose was set open. The area was detailed with strip, rod and card.
The area was painted light green with details in black; use white glue to add rivets and twisted metal wires for the electrical lines. 
The Aquilon engine area was also painted further, details being added much earlier during the built.

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