Paris Airshow 2007

Impression of the Paris Airshow at Le Bourget June 18-24, 2007 static park aircraft. 

photos taken Monday June 18. 

(c) photos Meindert de Vreeze

"Static display"

A-300 B2 used for zero G tests and training flights by CNES

Airbus A-330-200 Quatar

Antonov's new 148 short haul airliner looks like a Hawker Siddeley  / BAe 146 airliner with just 2 engines


Airbus A330 tanker of Australia. There is a large competition battle to provide hundreds of tankers to the USAF between Airbus and Boeing

Tank boom of the tanker

Boeing 777

Boeing Global Hawk UAV

Breitling showed the L-39 Albatross display team and the old Super Constellation

Details of the Super Connie
Note the "tilted" nose wheels!


Boeing C-17 Globemaster transport
Details of the C-17


Lockheed with the C-130J with the prominent swept propeller blades

C-130 J details

Eurocopter EC725 Cougar with more power and five blade rotor (military version)

Civil version of the EC725:  EC225 Super Puma Mark II with more power and five blade rotor, here with a Chinese livery

Eurocopter EC-145

Dassault Falcon 7X  business jet

Cessna had a large display with here the Citation Sovereign  business jet

Gulfstream G550 business jet

Unmanned aircraft and UAV's are thought to be the future. Many types were shown, of different sizes and lay outs. Above a "grey" Dassault unmanned aircraft


Predator from the USA

Eurocopter EC 155, the "modernized" Dauphin


HAL from India showed their Dhruv helicopter

Details of the Dhruv


Eurocopter derived from the Ecureuil, with a civil and military version

Sikorsky S-92 civil transport helicopter with large cabin

Eurocopter NH-90, of the TTH Army transport version

Details of the NH-90 TTH

A replica of the first French helicopter of Paul Cornu, celebrating 100 years of French helicopters


Sikorsky UH-60 Black hawk, with tank boom

 EMBRAER  190 Short haul jet

EMBRAER also is working on getting a share on the World's business jet market; mock-up shown

Dassault Rafale jet fighter

Eurofighter Typhoon (here an Italian aircraft)

FA-18F Super Hornet from the USA

details of the Super Hornet


Lockheed F-16C

Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle

A "flying cart", which will deploy a large ultralight chute / matras as wing

and finally... the Airbus A-380 super airliner that is in direct competition with the B-747 and future B-787

APU area

two A-380 planes were on the show, 1 static and 1 flying
Flap fairings
variable stabilizer, note large inclination range
simple conventional winglet
the two wheel nose gear and the  massive main gears


The highlight of the day was the flying display of the Russian Mig-29 OVT with vectored thrust. It was capable of turning in flight within say the length of the aircraft!

the taxi way at Le Bourget

There were not many surprises. Inside the big exhibition halls the usual stuff was presented.

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