Tupolev Tu-160 Black Jack
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Soviet BlackJack bomber in 1/72 scale making the AModel Tupolev Tu-160 
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The wing pivots can be used. First, I made sure the round gaps were large enough. The pin parts #142 were to thick and large. I concentrated on using the parts #145 and 146. The are tapered and do not mix them up. The surfaces were thinned with sandpaper in order to make the pivot plates flush with the bordering wing glove.

No problems were encountered. The only problem was that I found the dihedral angles different between the outher wings. I inserted some plastic strip in the wing gloves to get a symmetrical dihedral.

The wings were not glued in place, they can still swivel. The hinged inboard gap cover plates (seen here left in the picture)  were added. As these had obtained hinges made of thin wire, they are still flexible.

Parked real BlackJacks can be seen with various wing configurations, forward, mid or aft swept.  Basically I will display the BlackJack with swept wings as otherwise it takes far too much space in the show cabinet. 

Final Painting
The four engine exhausts got some extra layers of dfferent metal paints and the inner areas got some jet fume striping through drybrushing.

At some areas, the panellines were accentuated with an artist pencil but do not overdo it. The model had already gotten some areas of "off white" panels and some metal spots. 

Markings and decals
The model was ready to receive its decals. I decided to do this first before fixing the wings.

The kit decals are quite OK and thin. I decided to use these as the scheme is very colourful and nice to see. The title means "Ilja Muromets".
Even small marking stencils are provided, a few of which are extra provided just in case you loose one (well done Amodel!).

After soaking a decal, I made sure to remove any glue on the decal backing. Before putting the decal on the model, I applied some Johnson Future on the surface with a brush. The decals was set into position and the brushed used to conform and press it on the surface. This will remove any tiny air bubbles and will avoid any silvering. 

Finally, the model got a very thin coat of Johnson Future with some added Tamiya matting agent to get a semi mat finish. This will also protect the decals.
And that's it !!!!

Upper View, note the closed air refuelling panel doors.
the movable tail stabilizers

 The model, its "pogo stick" can be seen painted orange.

A picture of this real plane is seen below here (courtesy Aviapress) :

And there it is... a very large and impressive model of the Tu-160 BlackJack.

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