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Sea Hawk model in 1/72 scale : Hobbyboss FGA.6 kit review & modelling report

>  Addition to previous Sea Hawk pages (Dutch MLD) and information here on pages 1, 2....

Hobbyboss issued a nice little 1/72 kit of the Sea Hawk beginning 2011. The kit #87251 is for a Sea Hawk FGA.6. (The FGA.6 was also the basis for the Dutch Navy mk.50 Sea Hawk).

There are about 70 parts in medium grey plastic and some nice transparant parts. Panel engraving is fine. The cockpit is simple but small in this scale. Stores are for two drop tanks and 8 unguided rockets. The dimensions look fine and accurate. 

Kit decals are for 3 Sea Hawk schemes:
-1- Royal Navy Sea Hawk of 806 squadron on HMS Albion in the end fifties.
-2- Royal Navy Suez crisis Sea Hawk of 810 squadron HMS Albion with yellow-black striping also supplied in decals.
-3- Indian Navy of 300 squadron based on INS Vikrant aircraft carrier in the 1960s. It has white lower surfaces.

This 1/72 scale Sea Hawk beats all other kits. It is far cheaper than the MPM/Special Hobby kit and the fit is very good. The only sanding and filling was at the rear fuselage joint. Otherwise, his is a straight forward built. 

The cockpit got a little detail from bits and pieces. It is black anyway and small. Decals are provided for the panels but I elected to suggest the details with the paint brush. 

The Martin Baker Mk.2 seat in the kit is TOO HIGH. Simply, sand of some from the bottom end. The seat got some straps and belts made from tape. The base colour was a lblack frame, light grey details, blue and brown straps.

Add loads of weight in the nose to avoid tailsitting before joining the upper and lower forward fuselages. 

Drill open the holes for the stores you wnat to fit (tanks, rockets or none for a clean aircraft). 

After assembly, the overall model got a coat of light grey. Correct any seams and flaws: 

The undercarriage is fine, the inner doors are alost always seen closed on parked aircraft. The bays themselves are a bit bare, on a real Sea Hawk they are cramped with tubing, hydraulics and mechanisms. Bay colours varied on Sea Hawks from sky, aluminium and interior green. 

The arrestor hook was refined through sanding. 

It was decided to do the Suez crisis scheme (-2-). Now the big question was: would the decals fit for the yellow-black stripes? 

Where the stripes would go, these areas were masked and kept grey. Measure carefully the width of the stripes. 
The decals looked very thin and this may have "shining through". 

I used these colours for the airbrush:
Extra Dark Sea Grey: Mr.Hobby Gunze Sangyo H333 acrylic ;
Sky lower surfaces: WEM Bs-210 ACRN 01 enamel; 

The smaller parts were not yet fitted but airbrushed as well.

Surprisingly, the yellow-black decals fitted very well. But be warned: they are very thin and easily damaged. So position them well and avoid sliding and moving as much as possibel. Start with the band around the rear fuselage.

Gunze Sangyo H329 yellow is a good match for tiny paint brush tipping of gaps left of the yellow decal stripe edges and normal black for the black edges..

The Royal Navy roundels are too thin, so the "white" shines through. I simply used the Indian Navy roundels beneath them! The RN roundels were set on top. 

I did not like the large serials letter style. I used spare ones from the MPM/Special Hobby decals which also have Suez crisis markings of 810 squadron for the "230". I also used their "Z" marking on the tailfin and the nose lightning markings. 

Overall, a nice little model. Finally the tanks were fitted and the small antennas were replaced and made thinner.

The overall model got a gloss coat of Johnson Future/Pledge and looks nice. Weathering was kept to a mininum as these sea operated carrier aircraft were kept in good (read "salt free")  condition.

  Royal Navy Suez crisis Sea Hawk FGA.6 of 810 squadron HMS Albion, 1956

A nice addition to the FAA/ Royal Navy model collection


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