Northrop NF-5A in 1/32 scale
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 NF-5A model in 1/32 scale kit review ? building report
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Final Touches

The model now had its markings applied. 
Time for the final steps to be taken to complete this model.
At the tailpipes a small metal plate was added cut from metal sheet and also the number of the plane in small white numbered decals.

The nose pitot tube was replaced by a metal needle and added to the nose. With white glue a good streamlined fit was achieved. 
The undercarriage got a thin metallic/black wash from acryllic paint to add some more details and suggest a "used" plane.
The smaller vanes, static probes etc were added to the model, some were made from rod and metal needles.

The canopy had already obtained some internal details from rod and sprue, but added were the rear view mirrors. On the outside, the white edges were applied using thin cut-out decal stripes from a XTRADECAL spare decal sheet. On the windshield, some white striping was applied on the insides. The edges were given a tiny black outline with a fine brush.

The gun nozzles parts #D35 were replaced with thin hollow plastic piping and painted "burned" metal.
Various small anti-collision lights were added: at each wingtip and on the vertical tail (on each side). I first set a small highly gloss metallic disc punched out from thin sheet with the Waldron Punch and Die set. Next came the correct transparant colour of the light (Tamiya paint) and finally a drop of Micro Kristal Clear to suggest each light.
The vertical tail has for the NF-5 two small round fairings in the middle. With some re-shaping kit parts #A4 + A5 could be used here. Also, the light panel which is moulded on the plastic was given a coat of transparant red.

The tiptanks have tip lights. These were shaped from clear plastic sprue, cut to appropriate length and glued on the Belcher Bits tanks . Colour the lights with transparant Tamiya paint (Red on left side, Blue on right side).

I still wanted to add some stores to the pylons for this model, otherwise the model would be very clean. (Belcher Bits gives you only 1 tank). 
A check of pictures showed that often the Dutch NF-5 are seen with two wing fueltanks.
From a good scale drawing it was revealed that the Hasegawa fueltanks (parts #38-31) could be used but needed some corrections. 

First, the upper fin should have a straight leading edge, this was sanded in shape. 
The plastic parts for the tanks are also in 1/32 scale 10 mm too short. As I had a couple of spare tanks from another F-5E, 10 mm sections were cut out and the tanks were lengthened. Fill with putty and sand smooth.
After filling and sanding, the tanks were also sanded to have a pointier appearance. 

The tank and it's pylon was sprayed on the camouflage scheme and obtained small stencils and "rivets" with decals.

Bomb Dispenser
On pictures, the NF-5 can be seen sometimes with a mid-pylon bomb dispenser with small practice bomb "shapes". This also would be nice to add to the model.

A good scale drawing was used from the NF-5 book with some good detail pictures. Several layers of card were stacked togeteher and shaped with sanding. The small bomb"basic shapes" were found in the spares box but converted and painted blue.

The overall bomb dispenser is a quite nice addition to the model. 

All stores were added to the model and the result is an almost finished model of the NF-5A.

Also, intake covers were made from plastic card and inserted in the intakes.

As the decals had dried for considerable time now, the overall model sheen was applied with a layer of Johnson Future and a mix of 15% Tamiya Flat base with the airbrush. The overall model gets a good sheen now. The vertical tail got a gloss Future coat as well as the engine exhausts  and gear leg oleos.

The model is ready now... 

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