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F-16 models in 1/32 scale
F-16B converting the SUFA Academy kit 

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Now the model was given the standard F-16B MLU Fighting Falcon of the Dutch AF coats with Gunze acrylic paints:

FS36320  medium grey, using H307 
FS36118  dark grey, using H305

The lower grey areas were masked and covered and the medium grey sprayed on first. Than the darker grey was airbrushed free-hand using my Infinity airbrush from Harder & Steenbeck.

Some individual panels were loosely sprayed with a slightly lighter made tint mixing in some Gunze white to get a more wear effects, notably at the top fuselage inspection panels. the leading edge of the vertical tail was given a slightly darker coat, after mixing in some dark grey with the medium grey. 

The radarnose was given after masking a coat of FS36231 using Gunze H317. 

It was now decided to apply the decals on this model prior to final adding the gears and stores. First, the model was given a couple of coats of Johnson Pledge/Future to prevent later silvering of the decals.

Obviously, I had to search and collect the decals for the Dutch AF F-16B MLU Orange Jumper plane.

- I used some of the detail stencilling of the Academy SUFA kit, but not a lot of them.
- the walkways are lightgrey (about FS26251) and not dark as on the SUFA. Luckily I had some spare walkways from the older F-16CJ kit from Academy. You can also obtained them from older 1/32 F-016 Hasegawa kits.
- the Dutch AF roundels were obtained from Dutch Decal Set 72029. They have a diameter of 9,4 mm.

- the special Orange Jumper symbols were printed using my CANON MP610 6400 DPI colour inktjet printer.  

More info including my own ORANGE JUMPER Walkaround can be seen on the Dutch IPMS.NL page here... [external link].

I used the drawings in the Dutch IPMS NL MIP magazine 2010-4  (of IPMS member Joop Dionet) and in a picture editing program, sized it to the correct dimensions and printed the patterns on to Bare Metal foil sheet of White inktjet decal paper. 

After printing and drying, the inkts were sealed with Johnson Pledge/Future sprayed on. I also printed and made a couple of spares.... and I needed some. The markings were cut out. Using only marginal time in the water to get them loose from the decal paper is a nerve breaking excercise... but it worked out. 

The patterns made you can see here; You can also download these for your own use. 
You can print these on decalsheet from Bare Metal Foil or e.g. Testors.
The diameter of the circle is 18 mm and the stripe with the Frisian flag should match the dorsal fin part #C67 and #C68. Please note that the decals are mirrored in some cases, you also need to mirror the Frisian Flag band.


Crew names for use on the canopy frame: ensure the box is 35 mm wide when you print on clear decalsheet for use on your model.

The Orange Jumper often flies with white fueltanks with photo pattern markings in black. These black patterns were made using many many black decals cut to size. It is an enormous work but rewarding.  I also used a black permanent marker in some places.

seen here from both sides...

The making of your own decals is quite some work, but they are unique! 

The aircraft code J-066 can be obtained by using the Academy numbers on the decal sheet. These are the correct style and size for the Dutch Orange Jumper.

The special right wing tip stripes and markings were as noted before sprayed on with masking, but the smaller white square panels were made with white decal. The round markings were made from grey, black and white decals, punching out the circles with a Waldron Punch and Die set

and the results are seen here....
 ... the right wing tip and                                                                             dorsal fin with frisian flag

with the markings... rest to follow. 

The remainder of the detail stencilling/decals is still to be added...

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