McDonnell Douglas (Mitsubishi)
F-4EJ Phantom II
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Tamiya F-4EJ model kit in 1/32 scale 
Modelling report

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Decalling was ready now, which took quite some time but is very rewarding.
The various completed parts like undercarriages, flaps, antenna's and so on were now added.

Some piping will be added also in the gun bay area


the pylon can be seen as well here, with Eduard details from etched metal added

The undercarriage installed, with some weathering still to be done.


The kit has the option to show the radar, although the cone needs some work and the radar cries for more details.
This radar was detailed now, with wire and sprue. The kit radar disk was replaced with thin mesh, cut in size, and bended in a curved shape.

The various details were painted, the result is seen here.

The seats, obtained from True Details were detailed and the straps, harnasses painted green, dark grey and detail black with silver drybrushing. Seat buckles were added from metal (Reheat). The ejection activation chord on top were replaced made from yellow wire, with black stripes added with a black marker.

The cockpit now needed the final completion. Inside the cockpit various details were added like:

  • the canopy raising swithesfrom the kit
  • various lines 
  • instruments inside the canopy and windscreen. 
  • new mirrors
  • actuators from the kit and some wiring

The various instruments are also seen inside the windscreen upper edge; these were made from sprue and wire. 

The Eduard set has for the rear canopy mirrors inside the canopy, but for the F-4EJ these are fixed in the windscreen between the 2 cockpits. The rear mirrors were obtained from the spares box and these are blinking metal. These were installed in stead.

The red frames on the transparant canopies were added with a red permanent marker on the edges of the glass parts. 

Around the airframe, various smaller probes were added from metal as indicated in the Eduard set instructions.

The radar cone was set open and was installed with metal pins and were for strength.

The hinged door at the canon bay was also installed, note the opened up grills. The radarcone set open. 

The parapack door was set open, with Eduard details added. From a red/whitre paltsic back a section was cut as inserted as parachute....

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