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1/32 scale Hawker Siddeley/BAe Hawk jet trainers: REVELL / KINETIC made by Meindert de Vreeze
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The Hawk was developed by Hawker Siddeley in the UK as an advanced jet trainer for the Royal Air Force. It was to replace the Folland Gnat and a small not too expensive single Adour engined trainer was envisaged. The Hawk was purchased first by the Royal Air Force but also for the British Royal Navy. Also Hawks were sold abroad for export and some license modelling took place.

Hawks T.1 photographed by me at IAT Fairford UK, 2010; the Red Arrows Hawk has a "short" fillet above the jet exhaust, the aircraft below the "long fillet". 

The Hawk series Mk.100's was a heavily modernized series and many were sold to foreign air forces. It got an overall new wing and a longer nose.

The US NAVY wanted a trainer aircraft and a version of the Hawk, the T-45 Goshawk was developed. It is a largely modified aircraft. Look here at my website for more information....

For more background information on the real Hawk aircraft, look at the 1/72 Hawk pages here....


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Hawk 100

T-45 Goshawk

Many kits have appeared of the Hawk, particularly in 1/72 scale. But also, in 2012 REVELL GERMANY came with a 1/32 Hawk T-1 kit. End 2012 also KINETIC issued a kit of the later generation Hawk 100 series. So we finally got 2 kits! of the Hawk in larger scale. 

The 1/32 scale kits will by subject of this modelling report and also a modelling report is done with a conversion for a T-45 Goshawk as used by the US NAVY. 

BAe Hawk T.1
REVELL 1/32 kit  #04284 "Red Arrows" and T.1 kit #04849 "RAF" (more on that below...)

First the "kit in red plastic and decals/scheme for the famous RAF RED ARROWS demonstration team was issued by Revell end 2011. 

This kit has RED plastic to facilitatte the younger modeller for modelling the RED arrows Hawk. But for th modeller, this is punishment of the eye.
No pylons are in this kit, the large ventral pod and presumably fueltank is included. The kit has a couple of parts particulars for the Red Arrows Hawk such as the smoke pipes (parts no 121) above the jet exhaust.

Nice are the full air intake tunnels, but not a lot is seen inside!

he cheap Revell box is a bit awkward, so the bixtop was cut open and the sides taped.

I think that some improvements can be done regarding shape. The T.1A had I believe a more flattened rear upper fuselage above the tail pipe whereas the Revell kit shape in that area represents an early production Hawk; more on that later on.

This kit has a single colour scheme and a fine decal sheet with all aircraft numbers:

The white is a bit translucent but this is also the case on the REAL RED ARROWS HAWK!

As often with Revell, this kit is REAL VALUE FOR MONEY! It cries for adding some extra details and some minor corrections are only necessary. But otherwise this is a fine 1/32 kit and loads of aftermarket decal sheets have appeared for modelling a Hawk in dozens and dozens of schemes.


In the spring of 2013, Revell came with the "RAF" #04849 kit in grey plastic with several colour schemes. It is similar to the RED ARROWS kit but it has an extra sprue with stores and pylons. 

The extra sprue in this kit:

But the early RAF Hawks never carried outboard pylons with fueltanks, these stations were not "wet". Rocket pods were only used in the very beginning. So the later Hawk Sidewinder missiles are missing with their pylons (they are present in the Kinetic Hawk 100, see below).

Also, the decals sheet is differenty with various schemes:

The decals are for:
- Hawk T.1, RAF 74 squadron, XX226 in an overall gloss black scheme; Tigermeet scheme 1997 at RAF Wattisham. 
- Hawk T.1, RAF 151 squadron/ 2 TWU, RAF Chivenor, 1992, coded XX284 in a three grey scheme; 

TO REVELL HAWK modelling [ PAGE 2.... ]

Kinetic of China came with a 1/32 kit of the Hawk series 100 summer 2012, kit no #K3206. 
This is a fine kit and features the changes to the later generation Hawk 100 series like:
- new wing with wing tip missile rails and wing fences
- different cockpit with 2 styles of instrument panels:
- small flow vanes in front of tailplane
- separate parts for the trailing edge slotted flap
- various stores like Sidewinder missiles and tanks
- longer later style nose pitot tube
- later style upper rear fuselage which has a more "straight" shape and longer style fillet below the rudder.

The light grey plastic is crisp and fine. 

Some of the Kinetic sprues

and parts...

with an etched metal fret as well in the kit.

Note the wing with other shape and many vortex generators.

Kinetic Decals look great with schemes for no less than 5 schemes!
(1) Hawk mk. 115, Royal Canadian Air Force, NATO traing center Moose Jaw, Canada in a gloss blue? scheme
(2) Hawk mk.128 company aircraft of BAe systems Warton in gloss black scheme
(3) Hawk mk.120 company aircraft of BAe systems Warton in an attractive gloss black/silver/metal grey scheme
(4) Hawk mk.127, Royal Australian Air Force, 76 squadron at RAAF Williamstown, NSW, 2003 with a nice scheme of greys and gloss black
(5) Hawk mk.127, Royal Australian Air Force, 76 squadron at RAAF Williamstown, NSW, 2011 with a nice scheme of greys

The kit looks pretty accurate in outline. 
This is..

TO REVELL HAWK modelling [ PAGE 2.... ]

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