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with the assistance of my modelling friend Peter 

HAWKER HUNTER models in 1/72 scale


The Hunter is one of the most famous British jet aircraft in history. Of the British Hawker Hunter aircraft many models have appeared in plastic modelling history. These pages will comment on some of the Hunter kits in 1/72 scale.

The first production Hunter designated F1 that entered service in 1954.  Production of the Hunter continued until 1966 with the FGA. 9 being the definitive version. 
Over 700 earlier versions of the Hunter were produced, mostly F. 6 aircraft, were converted to FGA 9 standards that was designed for ground attack. 

For more information about the real plane, check out the references here.

The shape of the Hunter
The Hunter has a complex shape with many curvatures and this has put model manufacturers in a difficult spot here. There are also many drawings that have been published, and accuracy is not always very good. 
After studying many books, info on the internet, taking measurements in certain areas on a real plane, looking at many many pictures and also checking at the various drawings some observations will be put here on the issued kits.

The most accurate drawing seems to be a drawing that was issued with the unique 1/32 scale ECHELON mixed media kit of the Hawker Hunter {Drawing 1} . The only error found was that the canopy is a bit longer than shown, the rear canopy "bordering" line should be a bit more aft (see correction on the drawing 2 ). 
{drawing 1}
{drawing 2 with correction}

Another very fine drawing was found of earlier Hunters but unfortunate the source is unknown to me. It shows the aerodynamic shape of the Hunter to advantage. {Drawing 3}
{drawing 3}

1/72 Models considered in this kit overview are:

Also a view on add on's and decals.
Now lets look at several of the Hunter models....

This is the very early box with old FROG logo:

This is the later box...

Version F1, kit no F320 ; 
FROG started with issueing a kit in 1/72 scale. This is a very old kit is now only found second hand. The first kit issued by FROG was very basic, with no cockpit (but a pilot head moulded in place), retractable single part nose gear and a massive wing. 

  • Basically this Hunter kit has a very good outline and shape. Comparing it to drawings, it shows that it is not bad at all.
  • The fuselage shape of nose, dorsal spine and tail is rather good.
  • The canopy shape is a bit suspect.
  • The wing shape is not bad at all. 
  • Parts are rather basic with no gear undercarriage bays for example.
This kit was "copied" in the East as well, seen here....

This Russian Hunter kit used the FROG kit moulds moved to the East. It appeared in the nineteen-eighties.

So the same comments apply.

Kit no 2073 (several kit issues); 
Airfix issued several kit versions of the Hunter. The first kit was basic and appeared in 1960. For later issued Airfix kits, the basic original moulds were still used but some parts were refined or replaced. The later Airfix kits also got far better decals.
All Airfix kits are too short in fuselage length, about 4 mm direct aft of the wing and in front of the vertical tail 
NOTE: a production cut is there in the real Hunter, shown often as a circular panel line in the kit(s). 

[A1] Version F6: The first issue had only basic parts , but it had for example a separate set of parts for the ammunition container with a sort of ground stand. 
The kit's wing shape is not bad but the saw tooth is a bit thick and rough. 


Instructions, also for the ammunition box

Some of the parts (fuselage already assembled)


The Airfix wing looks generally all right in planform.

[A2] version FGA.9 (updated F6) : the second Airfix kit was issued with some new parts and the ammunition container was not longer supplied. The saw tooth is a bit thick and rough. 

  Note the Kuwait AF decals

[A3] Airfix kit: This FGA 9 kit issued is similar to [A2] but with new decals and box-art : 


Some of the instructions

parts in bag

Kit no PK117; 
Version F6 or T mk7.
This kit appeared in several colours of plastic which also changed in time with various box arts. It was welcome when it appeared because it gave both the option for single seater mk 6 as a two seater / trainer T mk7.

  • The shape of the fuselage and wing is a bit suspect in areas.
  • The nose is about 2 mm too wide in planview, it should be more pointier
  • The canopy  wide looks OK but the framing is too thick. It ca be sanded and polished.
  • Canopy and nose can be "blended" to get a good result that matches the rear fuselage

The Matchbox instructions

         parts, in different coloured sprues 

Version F6; 
This kit was issued from Poland but used again the FROG moulds. 

In this issue (S-025) with this box art, decals are provided for two Chilean Air Force FGA 71 planes and a RAF FGA 9. This is nice of this kit.

In this box (S-038) , it pretends to be a Hawker Hunter F MK58 with Swiss AF decals:

It looks like the mould was  based on the Frog Hawker Hunter FGA. 9 kit back in the 1980s and is a sort of "copy". But some additional inaccuracies were now introduced unfortunately...

  • The nose profile is too blunt and needs sanding into a more pointed shape. 
  • The fuselage dorsal spine is too pronounced and deep. 
  • The fuselage diameter is a bit too small, making it too slim.
  • The main landing gear legs are too long, about by about 5 mm. 
  • The main tank pylons won't fit if you do not move the pylons a bit more outboard. 
Here, the initial box and parts are seen:

A look at the instructions and decals.

Version F6, kit 04350 ;
The latest Hunter kit issued in 2005 is this one from Revell. It at once superceedes all previous Hunter kits as it is very fine, accurate and has very delicate parts. It is the best Hunter 1/72 injection moulded kit (the resin "PJ Productions" kit, which we do not know may be better but that is very expensive).

A similar Revell issue had this box:

The parts layout of the Revell kit seems to offer the possibility for Revell to come up with more for example earlier variants. A wing without the leading edge saw tooth is possible as these are separate parts. A test shot was seen in April 2005 with the required extra conversion parts.

The currently available Revell kits: 
The Revell kit is very good but not entirely accurate:

- the wing saw tooth should be 2 mm more inboard; this was concluded after extensive comparisons of many drawings, kits, and pictures. [this can be corrected if desired].

- also the wing pylon next to the main gear leg should be positioned 2 mm more inboard. [this can be very easily corrected by setting the pylon more inboard].

- the canopy should be tilted very slightly downwards towards the nose; on the kit it is inaccurately now parallel to the main fuselage dorsal spine. [this can be left as is as it requires some work to correct].

- the main wheels are 1,5 mm too small in diameter [ this can be corrected through replacement with Airix or Matchbox wheels and small adaption of the gear legs).

- the decals and versions shown are not completely accurate; the Dutch version has an incorrect plane designation number and the mk 6 did  not have two large roundels on the wings. [ this can be corrected by using other numbers].

The cockpit is very nicely done with a detailed seat and instruments and tub.

A look at the decals and parts....

Main wheel comparison may be interesting, showing the different interpretations by various manufacturers:


Various add on's and conversion sets are available for the Hunter. A few of them are shown here.

Some update and coversion sets were issued.
Two seater conversion with vacuform parts.
The width of the 2 vacu parts of the fuselage is too small and the canopy opening also much too small The overall shape is inaccurate. 

Ejection seats in metal of Aeroclub, these often do not fit into the cockpit tubs of various kits.

For a Hunter T7 built model with the AEROCLUB set, look here....

Nowadays, LF MODELS (no.7293 for a T7) has resin conversion sets for two seat Hunters, these are probably much better to use and accurate to be used with the Revell kit.


WOLFPACK has a detail set (no.WP72031 ) for the Revell Hunter kit but we could not really see the improvement as to the Revell kit parts.

PAVLA (set U72-68) has a prototype conversion to be used with the Revell Hunter, we do not know it.

EDUARD and AEROCLUB also have etched metal details sets.

Many many decalsets can be bought for the 1/72 Hunter like those of XTRADECAL, AIRDECAL, MODELDECAL, DUTCH DECAL and even MICROSCALE.

Too much to list..... but to give a rough idea:

 72042: Hawker Hunter F9/FR10(F9 54sq,43sq,1sq,56sq - FR10 2sq,4sq) 
 72046: Hawker Hunter F6 (12sq,56sq,78sq,74sq,208sq,111sq) 
 72052:  Two TAF Hunters 
 72053: Fighter Command Hunters 
 72058: Hunters F6 RAF squadrons No14, 20,43, 65, 92 & 263, Belgian AF, KLu, RJorDAF
 72063: International Hawker Hunters  Xtra-decal  X72063 
 72106:  RAF 74(Tiger) squadron 1918-1992  X72106 
 72123:  Hawker Hunter T.7 Two Seaters (20), including XF321 RAE Bedford 1980 Raspberry Ripple; 
 72124:  History of RAF 19 Sqn 1935 - 91 : includes Hawker Hunter F.6 RAF Church Fenton 1958; 
 72148:  History of 4 Squadron, including Hawker Hunter F.6 RAF Gutersloh 1958
 72149:  RAF No 1 Squadron 100 Years, including Hawker Hunter FGA.9 
 72150:  RAF No 2 Squadron 100 Years, incl Hawker Hunter FR.10 RAF Gutersloh 1969

 72136: Senior Service Royal Navy Hunters 
 72188: RAF Germany 1970-1975 part 3 
 72196: Royal Navy Aerobatic Display Teams from 1950 

MODELDECAL (with otrher model aircraft):
 24:  Phantom FGR2, Hunter F6, Wyvern S4, Sea Venom FAW21 (RAF,RN) 
 25:  Lightning F2A, Canberra B(1)8, Hunter FGA9, Harvard (RAF) 
 26: Hunter, Buccaneer, Canberra, Gazelle (RAF) 
 28: Canberra, Lightning, Hunter, Jet Provost (RAF)  , seen here...

 86:  Hunter,Hawk (RAF), Mirage 3 (FAF)

DUTCHDECAL: various sheets
 72039: Dutch AF Hawker Hunter en Kaasjager F-86K
 72069: Dutch AF Hunter mk4/6 , F-104, F-86F

FV72005:  Royal Netherlands Air Force Jet Trainers (12) with Lockheed T-33A ; Hawker Hunter T.7; Gloster Meteor T.7;  Gloster Meteor Mk.4
FV72011:  Historical Military Aviation in the Netherlands with .... 
Hawker Hunter F.6A ; Hawker Hunter T.8C all of Dutch Hawker Hunter Foundation; Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moths ; Piper L-4J Cub ; Piper L-18C Super Cub 

MAV decals for Rhodesian Hunters

Enjoy modelling your Hunter model!

The kit overview was compiled with help of my modelling friend Peter 

For various 1/32 Hunter models, look here....

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