Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-15 UTI
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1/72 scale kits of the MiG-15 NATO "fagot" and MiG-15UTI "Midget" 

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Not only has Hobbyboss a single seater MiG-15 but also a two seater UTI... "Midget".

Hobbyboss MiG-15UTI  two seater (kit no 80262) has also about 50 parts with many common parts with the single seat Hobbyboss kit. It has off course a two seat tub and fuselage. The long canopy is one single piece. 

The UTI kit decals are for camouflaged MiG-15UTI: (1) Soviet VVS and (2) Iraq Air Force in desert scheme. 

How is this kit? Well pretty good and the same suggestions from the single seat MiG-15 apply to this kit:  *please see here... 

A few of these MiG-15 UTI models will be made.

The basic assembly seen here...

Now with some filler applied at wing roots and aft fuselage and sanding done....

The model here after getting a light grey base coat. (slipper tanks were used from an Eduard kit as these look slightly better, kit to be discussed later). Note that the round (retracted position) landing light is moulded as per kit in front of the left wheel bay, which is correct for the UTI. Slipper tanks were fitted as well.   

The long two seat canopy is one piece. A model with cockpit detailed and with canopy open is nice. Used a TIGER razor saw to get 4 sections. The rear canopy slides back, the front canopy tilts to starboard.

The overall scheme of many MiG-15's  is a natural metal finish, which is a sort of "alodine" which gives the natural metal some different variations. The ALCLAD system was used. 

As the ALCLAD finish is glossy during decal application, just a bit of Johnson Future/Pledge was applied below each decal with a brush just in case to prevent decal "silvering". Only a few decals are needed on each MiG-15 model. 

....later style
MiG-15 UTI 
After Guinea - "Conakry" achieved independence from France in 1958, the "Force Aerienne de Guinea" was formed with Soviet assistance. Delivered were from 1960 some 10 MiG-17F fighters and probably two MiG-15UTI trainers. Yak-18's also followed. later additional MiGs were obtained. 

This two seater UTI trainer model was finished in a scheme of Guinea Air Force Training Command. Decals came from Kanga decals set 72017 (but after getting several layers of extra Micro Decal Film, otherwise they fall apart!). (later I found out that these same markings were supplied also in an old HobbyCraft Canada kit).  

The roundels on this sheet are unclear, it seems the roundel is the old pre-1962 roundel.   (I never saw a photo of a Guinean MiG-15UTI in any book) 

A red intake cover was made from card and the canopy kept closed. Slipper wing tanks were added and the antenna wire from fishing line. 

 at the air base.... with tropical clouds.


.tanzania air force...

Shenyang FT-2  (Chinese MiG-15UTI copy)
Tanzania became independent as a former British colony December 1961. The Tanzania Air Force (" Jeshi la Wananchi la Tanzania ") from 1973 got Chinese Shenyang FT-2 trainers, the export version of the Shenyang JJ-2 which were very similar to the MiG-15UTI. Two were supposedly delivered in 1970s and based at Mikuma airbase north of the Dar es Salaam. (The Tanzania air force also used the JJ-5, this trainer being a Chinese combination of the MiG-15UTI and MiG-17 ).

A model of Hobbyboss of the MiG-15UTI was finished as a similar Shenyang FT-2 in a scheme of the Tanzania Air Force. Decals came from Kanga set 72017.  These decals need several coats of decal coat varnish like Microscale Decal Film otherwise they fall apart.   

On this model the canopy was set open, separating the different parts with a TIGER razor saw.
The kit seats were painted medium grey and some details in the cockpit added like seat straps and warning ribbons from tape. 

Note the walkways made from black decal and the yellow trim. The numbers on the lower fuel tanks fitted with braces are also not seen a lot.

A green nose cover from plastic card was also added. 

This Shenyang FT-2  with serial 52-212 and UTI coded "2" has a "zebra" on the nose. 

A nice model of a Tanzanian MiG-15. Here at Mikuma airbase. 

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