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1/72 scale kits of the MiG-15  (NATO "fagot") 

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MiG-15bis Mongolia

Mongolia is since 1921 an independent state between the former Soviet Union (now Russian Republic) and China. By 1966 the air force was renamed the Air Force of the Mongolian People's Republic. A few MiG-15 fighters and at least 3 UTI's were delivered starting 1969, being the first combat jet aircraft in the Mongolian inventory, entered service in 1970. The UTI were used until 1986. I never could find a photo of a Mongolian MiG-15bis but references say they used a few of them and one aircraft is "preserved at Nalaih ?". 

This Hobbyboss MiG-15bis kit got again a metal finish using the ALCLAD system (see page 2). Decals came from Kanga decal set 72017 and the stars look like Soviet ones but are slightly different with the "Soyombo" symbol. 

IMPORTANT: the Kanga decals must be treated with several layers of MicroScale Decal Coat in order not to fall apart. 


The cockpit interior was painted and most MiG-15's had a mid grey cockpit interior. The seat has often black cushion/ parachute pack and black head rest; seat straps usually olive and/or medium brown. The instrument panel was mainly black or very dark grey with black boxes on the sides. The areas below the rear canopy are also mid grey and below the windscreen the gun sight and so on anti glare black with a small visor.

(Note that I forgot to add the small radio blade antenna on top of the fuselage spine)

Again, a nice model in the collection of World Air Forces.


MiG-15bis Algeria
Immediately after its independence from France in the mid nineteen sixties, the Algerian Air Force "Al Quwwat aljawwiya aljaza'eriiya " acquired planes from the Soviet Union including MiG-15bis aircraft. It started with 5 UTI's and 20 MiG-15bis delivered through Egypt in 1964 equipping the first jet squadron at Dar el-Beida. More MiG-15's and other aircraft were delivered later on with a few flying as late probably as 1984. 

The Hobbyboss kit was simply made and it has the old style roundel markings. Those from Microscale set 72-426 were used initially although a bit too large. 

I later got a message of Mike that these Microscale decals were very inaccurate. Four years after the kit was made Algerian roundels were found as provided in the very nice Eduard MiG-15 UTI kit. So these were used with horizontal bars added from decal bits.



Note also the slightly different metal panels using the trick described here....  

algeria mig-15

algeria mig-15 

(Not sure if the small radio blade antenna on top of the fuselage spine should have been fitted as usual for the "bis")

.. set at In Salah airfield

In Salah air field

This is another kit made of the MiG-15bis using the Hobbyboss model. Decals came from Hi-Decal Line 72-022 sheet. It carries the old style pre-1958 Egyptian roundels but the nose number is not on the sheet. The nose number came from Microscale set 72-426; please note that the green colour of the Microscale set for Egypt AF seem too dark so better use those from Hi-Decal Line (or from Eduard Profipack 7056). This particular aircraft flew in October 1956 and the special striping was used probably for identification. (Not sure if the small radio blade antenna on top of the fuselage spine should have been fitted as usual for the Egyptian "bis").

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    Pre-1958 Eqyptian roundel and later roundel

Egypt Air Force MiG-15bis 

Egypt was a British protectorate in the 19th century and was independent in 1922 with the exception of th Suez Canal zone. After the declaration of the Arab Republic of Egypt June 1953 by Nasser, the Egyptian Air Force ( "Al Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Jomhouriya il-Misriya") was created. 
Egypt bought over a 100 MiG-15bis aircraft in the mid nineteen fifties from Czechoslovakia (licensed Aero S-103) with the sponsorship and support of the USSR. Also over 40 UTI's (licensed Aero CS-102) were delivered and MiG-17 aircraft. Soon the Suez Canal Crisis outbreak (26 October - 7 November 1956) saw their deployment although few pilots were probably trained to fly them effectively. Air patrols were done also countering British aircraft like Canberra's and during the air combat against the Israeli Air Force, the Egyptian MiG-15bis managed to shoot down 3 Israeli aircraft: a Piper Cub, a Meteor F.8 on 30 October 1956, and an Israeli Dassault Ouragan on 1 November. In Egypt also a local aircraft industry was set up with Helwan being established with support from Hispano in Spain. Helwan types were the HA-200 Saeta called "Al-Kahira" and a small jet fighter HA-300 was developed. 

Look also at the later Egyptian Air Force aircraft like the F-16...

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[ area 93,000 sq.km | capital: Budapest | population 9,7 million | GDP 15,000 Euro nominal per capita ]

MiG-15bis Hungarian Air Force (" Magyar Légiero")

Hungary borders were first established after the end of World War I at 1916, before that it was in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The air force was established in 1918 but under the Trianon Treaty from 1920 was not allowed anymore. After the Second World War, it became part of the Communist Eastern Block with armed forces through the Warsaw Pact. IN 1956 there was the Soviet intervention to secure Communist control and after that large numbers of Soviet aircraft were used by the air force. About 60 MiG-15' s, about 100 MiG-15bis and more than 60 MIG-15 UTI two-seater trainers were delivered. The Hungarian pilots sometimes called their MiG-15 the "Jaguar". The MiG-15's were flown in Hungary until 1975.  

Later types were obviously MiG-17, MiG-19, MiG-21 fighters and Il-28 bombers. Trainers were types like the L-29 and later the L-39. Look at the L-39 page for later history...    

Again, a Hobbyboss kit was made with decals from Microscale set 72-426.  Note the special anti glare panel and the walkways made from decal. (Probably I should have added the small radio blade antenna on the fuselage spine, though not sure).  

   Hungarian MiG-15bis "FAGOT-B", beginning nineteen sixties.


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