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Hasegawa has issued as of today the best kit of the Jaguar in 1/72 scale. Their first kit of a Sepecat Jaguar Gr Mk 1/A single seater was released around 1985. It was a very fine kit with recessed panellines, crisp plastic and pretty good. But the airbrakes have raised details, no perforations. 

Two types of noses and tails are in the kit. The RAF Jaguar kit has the vertical tail with RWR receivers and the laser designator nose of the kit. But the airbrakes, although separate parts, have no holes in them. It is a tidious job to open them all up. 

It had decals for:
1/ RAF Jaguar Gr. Mk.1 no 54 squadron based at Coltishall, UK with a wrap around camouflage scheme
2/ Jaguar A of Armee de l'Air EC4/11FAF based at Bordeaux/Merignac, France with a camouflage scheme with light aluminium-grey undersides
Stencils are there but the NO STEP or NE PAS MARCHER markings, often applied on real Jaguars, are not there. 

The exhausts are a bit undeep in this kit. The cockpit is very basic with a crude seat and decals for the instrument panels. Stores in the kit are Magic air-to-air missiles (for the French Armee de l'Air kit release) , BL755 bombs with their pylons which look good enough but in the kit there are NO fuel drop tanks. The overwing pylons for the missiles are a bit crude. Also a rather thick ladder and a pilot for a diorama as well is in the kit. 
. .

This same kit was issued many times later with often new decals schemes. One such kit was #DT110 with a Jaguar A with Armee de l 'Air "EC 3/7 Languedoc" decals. (see below for more details). 

Another kit was for the Jaguar "international". It also appears that the kit was released in a Desert Storm kit box #SP54 (which included two fuel tanks).

Hasegawa issued also a two seater Jaguar kit, which was a large improvement compared to the Heller Jaguar (that also had parts for a two seater). Many parts are common with the single seat kit. Here the Hasegawa E / T.mk2 is seen: 

Often, French or British Jaguar variants are in each Hasegawa box. Minor differences catered for are antenna layout and a pointy (French) or blunt "laser" nose (RAF). Also, the vertical tail may have fairings. The nose section is separate for either a single or two seater in this kit. Stores include rocket pods and 2 types of the large fueltanks with their pylons. But the separated rear airbrakes have again no holes in them. The exhausts are again a bit undeep. The cockpit is as the single seat kit very basic with crude seats and decals for the instrument panels.

In this kit decals are for:
(1) French Armee de l'Air Jaguar E of EC 2/7 at St.Dizier is a camo scheme
(2) RAF T mk.2 of no.226 OCU at Lossiemoth with a wrap around camouflage scheme
(the same kit also appeared with different decals in other releases). 
The general kit assembly has no problems what so ever. The cockpit may benefit from a little added extra detail and better other (resin) seats. The  undercarriage will look better by adding some brake wires etc. I did not bother to open up all the holes in the two airbrakes. 

The canons may vary per two seater: one cannon or 2 cannons; check the particular air force Jag you want to build. The two seater has a simple vertical tail. A model can also be made a little more different by variantions in "stores and armament load" using the various after market sets.

(4) RAF Jaguar T.mk2 two seater
This model in a camouflaged scheme was made more than 20 years ago, using the kit decals. The trainer has a pointy nose and no vertical tail antenna fairings. For the colours I think I used Humbrol paints for the BSC 641 green, 638 dark sea grey and 627 light grey. The gear bays were painted "chromate green".  At that time it was hand painted. (I ensured it had a gloss paints before applying the decals). After decal application, it was matted with a mat Humbroll varnish airbrush can. In those days, the airbrush was not yet widely used by me as it was still an expensive accessoire to buy!

Note the added mirrors in the canopies.

It has two fuel tanks below the wing. 


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(5) Jaguar A
One French Jaguar A  in "Languedoc" markings was made more recently, using the very nice special kit decals. It was issued in 1994 and bears all common parts and comments as noted above.

Only a little putty/filler is needed. The kit has nose with a small fairing and a very peculiar nose probe. The airbrakes were set open as on parked Jaguars but I did not open up all the holes in the airbrakes. The pylons were also set in place. Note also the simple vertical tail without any RWR fairings and this is nicely provided in the kit. 
Colours used were Gunze Sangyo H337 and H309 acrylics. The greys were applied with the airbrush.

The lower surfaces were given a mix coat of light grey with some drops of silver mixed in. The camouflage lines are well distinguishable and "sharp", the green was hand painted. The area on top of the fuselage, nose sides and of the vertical tail of the special markings were masked and given an undercoat of mat white. This will be better for the decals. Black edges are seen on the intake and leading edges of wing and tail. 

White markings clearly seen on pictures so these were hand painted on the wing as seen on pictures. 

These Hasegawa decals are quite thin and breakable, be very carefull when adding these. The long blue and red striping is very vulnerable. 

A small training transponder pod was added under the left wing pylon made from sprue. On the nose tiny pitot tubes were added as well, these are not in the kit. 


I also made another Hasegawa kit as Jaguar ACT test aircraft, see page 7....

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