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Step by step, let's go through the final stages...

After final assembly, the stores were added. The kit provides a lot of these and they are all of very fine quality. You get also marking decals for all the stores.

Starting from the top: "empty tip pylon" / AIM-120B/C AMRAAM / "clear station with no pylon" / 370 gallon tank / "empty central station" / 370 gallon tank / "clear station with no pylon" / "empty pylon" / AIM-9M Sidewinder.

Below the intake is an empty pylon and an AN/AAQ-13 pod.

After all stores had been added and final assembly was finished, the overall model was cleaned up and got a coat of side-matt coat, applying a mix of 90%  Johnson Future and 10% Tamiya matting agent. (obviously cover the transparant parts when applying the end coat).
This will give a good shine and protect the decals. 

- The engine exhaust pipe got a coat of Future with some transparant Tamiya blue paint added to give a typical sheen.
- The canopy and ejection seat were put on the model (can be detached)

Upper view shows the very subtle two tones of grey

The Korea Air Force ROKAF F-16C Block 52D, airplane no  "93-067", of  Han-kug Kong Goon
NOTE: on the pictures above you don't see yet the small canopy locking hooks at the lower canopy frame; these were added later on to the model

A very nice F-16 in the collection, hope you like the model!

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