Hawker Sea Fury in 1/32 scale 
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1/32 scale Hawker Sea Fury with the Hobbycraft kit
kit review / modelling report

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1. The stabilizers were put with 90 degree angle to the vertical aft fuselage. You need some thicker glue here.

2. The rockets were added and the two fuel tanks. I had to enlarge the locating holes and aligning the rockets with their pylons is quite some work. 

3. The right wing leading edge light was not on the actual plane, I did not notice this on time. The area was filled and painted (better to do that earlier).

4. The four wing leading edge canons were made from tubing fitted inside the holes. The inner ones fall almost inside the wing, the outward ones protrude a nit outside.

5. The wingtip lights are provided only "solid" in the kit. Four small corners were cut out from thin clear plastic sheet (from a supermarket package) that would fit. Two small pieces on plastic strip were put inside and painted red and blue for the lights.

6. The pitot tube was made from a metal needle and the thicker section is a piece of tube.

7. The tail arresterhook on this particular plane has black-white striping. This was added using a black marker. Also seen is the small retractable entry step below the wing root fairing.

8. A small spine antenna was added from thin fuse wire ...

9. The very good correct Fisher Canopy was added after painting.

And there she is......

Note wing tips lights

the retractable small step below the trailing edge

The Sea Fury model "set in a real setting"......

Another nice 1/32 model in the collection. 
It needs some work but surely is rewarding to have on the shelves.

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