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MB-326  in 1/72 scale: kit review & modelling report of the ITALERI kit
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The Aermacchi or Macchi MB-326 is an Italian light military jet aircraft designed as a two-seat trainer in the nineteen fifties. It had a Viper jet engine and a maximum speed of about 700 km/hr. The Macchi company prototype flew end 1957 and the Italian air force quickly ordered about 100 aircraft. It later evolved into a single and two-seat light attack version. It was also exported to various countries in various versions.   
South Africa also manufactured starting in 1966 in license the MB-326M called the Impala by the Atlas Aircraft Corporation. The "Silver Falcons", the SAAF aerobatic team, flew with Impala Mk Is.

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) used the MB-326H as a jet trainer with nearly 100 aircraft used. The RAAF's aerobatic team, "The Roulettes", flew the MB-326H from December 1970 until 1989. 

Brazil was also a good customer with over 170 MB-326CG aircraft, locally built under the name AT-26 Xavante by EMBRAER. 

Dubai bought 6 MB-326KD, 1 MB-326L, 1 MB-326LD. 

Other countries were Zaire, Ghana, Tunesia and the Argentina Navy later on. Again, Italy also bought additional aircraft, until the MB-326 was replaced by the MB-339 between 1981 and 1984.   

Italeri issued a very nice kit (no. 1334) for a MB-326 K "Impala". This is a single seat version, an insert rear fairing is provided as a part to fit the aft cockpit section.


mb-326 1334

It has decals for no less than 6 schemes:
1/ SAAF , 4 squadron at Waterkloof 1970 with a camo scheme (indicated is: FS 34079, 30219, 36495)
2/ SAAF, 85 combat flight school, Hoedspruit 1990
3/ Brasil AF, Escadron Pacau 1/4 at Natal 2006 (with camo scheme indicated FS34079, 30219, 36495); I am not sure if the decals provided are correct.
4/ Italian AF , Pratica di Mare 1990 (camo FS 34079, 30219, 36495, 34258 green)
5/ Italian AF, Pratica di Mare 1979
6/ United Arab Emirates  Dubai AF / Police wing, 1977 (scheme indicated FS 34079, 30219, 36495, 34258 green).

This last scheme will be made in this kit.

1334 decals

Note: Italeri also issued a kit # 1308 of the two seat version MB-326. Will also be made.  
These decals are very well printed. On the sprues no part numbers are engraved, use the instruction drawing. The Matra rocket pods seem very large but appear to be accurate. 

This Italeri model was made straight out of the box as the Italeri kit is basic but very fine with nice panel lines. The main wheel and gear is one part, a bit basic. The gun fairings are separate parts. Fit is pretty good of the parts. Do not forget the nose weight! 

In the cockpit from bits and pieces I added some more detail. It was painted light grey with decals for the instruments and consoles. I replaced the kit seat with a PAVLA #S72070 resin seat. The two small pitot tubes next to the windscreen are in the kit but not indicated in the instructions. 

When assembled, a grey based coat was applied using Revell aqua grey with the airbrush. 

A scheme in the kit is also for a MB-326KD single-seat ground-attack aircraft as used by U.A.E Gulf state Dubai by the "Police Wing" in 1977. It was decided to pick this nice scheme of MB-326KD aircraft coded "207" c/n 6614/337 . 

Acrylic colours used on this model were:

FS 34079 (Gunze Sangyo 309), 
FS 30219 (Gunze Sangyo 310), 
FS 36495 (Gunze Sangyo 338), 
FS 34258 green (I used Gunze Sangyo 312).

These acrylic colours were airbrushed. First the lower colour was airbrushed and when dried, masked.

The upper camouflage lines are "soft". This was achieved airbrushing "free handed", using a piece of carton. This obviously requires a very fine airbrush with associated fine needle.

Before applying the nice decals, set on a gloss undercoat to prevent "silvering". I used Johnson Future (Pledge) acrylic. 

When dry, the model was completed with the landing gears etc. The anti-collision lights were tipped with blue and red at tip tanks and spine. A drop of Micro Kristal Kleer suggested the lights. No underwing stores were added, only the pylons which were airbrushed before. 

The windscreen was fixed with white glue used to close the tiny gaps. When dried, the dried white glue edges were painted with a very fine paint brush. Two pitots were added as well, these parts are unnumbered but on the kit sprues. The canopy was set open, its edges got a black edge using a permanent black marker/scriber to make it look thinner. Also, 3 mirrors made from a piece of aluminium foil were added on the inside edge.
The intake edges were painted aluminium. 


Some "wash" to suggest actual use of the aircraft was applied using the Promodeller black wash fluid, particularly at the edges of ailerons, rudder and the grills on the upper fuselage.

Dubai / U.A.E.
[ area: 83,660 | capital: Abu Dhabi | population: 9,5 million | GDP US 42,000 nominal per capita ]

Dubai is one of the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) Gulf states along with Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimab, Sharjah and Umm al Quwain. Each Gulf state is governed by a ruler and family but they cooperate. In the 1960s still part of the British  Commonwealth some aircraft flown were from 1970 Hunters and Dassault delivered over 24 Mirage 5 AD. Training was also done with Pakistan assistance. From 1971 independence was obtained in various phases and defense was taken up by Abu Dhabi through their air force and Dubai through their air wing. These operated also helicopters and from 1977 a few MB.326 attack aircraft.





  Dubai MB-326KD aircraft coded "207" c/n 6614/337



MB-326KD ,  Dubai "Police Wing" in 1977. (later part of United Arab Emirates Air Force UAEAF).

A nice model in the collection of an unusual air force 

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