Fokker S-14  trainer
RNeth AF
last update September 4, 2010


Pictures of the "real thing"
All pictures made and kindly provided by Bas Damen and Meindert de Vreeze


The Fokker S-14 was known as the MACH trainer, flown in the seventies.
The aircraft was only operated in small numbers at the RNethAF.


Below are seen pictures of the Fokker S-14 aircraft that was modified by Fokker Aircraft to demonstrate a version with a more powerful Rolls Royce Nene 3 engine. It was called Machtrainer II.
Is is now preserved in the Dutch museum Aviodrome.


 detail of left seat looking down and forward

 part of instrument panel can be seen here

 section behind seats

  note the canopy sliding rail on top of fuselage

 more birdcage canopy details

  nose gear well

  main gear wheel well

 (note: outward right wing is not installed on museum aircraft)


Scale models
Made by Meindert "Designer"
No real plastic model is available (the older Airmodel vacuform offering being very bad),
but a resin kit from Czech Master in 1/72 can be found (this kit has issued and has been updated in 2004).

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