North American F-86K in 1/32 scale
Royal Netherlands Air Force "Kaasjager"
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F-86K (called Kaasjager in Dutch)  Sabre in 1/32 scale using the TIGER/ID conversion with the Hasegawa kit

For many years, Hasegawa was the only kit supplier for a 1/32 scale F-86 Sabre. In 2011, Kinetic also issued a F-86E kit (with the original wing). 
Regarding the F-86K, such a model could be made using a simple vacuform conversion for a F-86D Sabredog. This was a set from ID models a long time ago, now brought to the modelling community by enthusiast TIGGER from the UK.

(see LSP Forum page...)

For this conversion of the F-86K Kaasjager, the F-86D fuselage conversion on itself must also be converted. And the F-86K Kaasjager, like the F-86D Dog has a much larger fuselage which is also "deeper". 

UPDATED: Kitty Hawk has released Summer 2015 a 1/32 F-86D Sabre Dog. Look here for my modelling report....

For details about the real Sabre and the F-86K, look at 1/72 scale Sabre page 1...
For a late style modified wing F-86K, the Hasegawa F-86F kit wing can be used. (NOTE that the KINETIC F-86F-30 kit has the early F-86  style wing so if an early F-86K is desired, use the wing of that kit; Kinetic/Italeri also has another kit F-86F-40 with "F-40" wing).

The Hasegawa F-86F kit is often still found in the shops or at model hobby swopmeets. A cheap one was bought, to be used for the conversion.

It fuselage halves are not needed, but require replacement:

The ID set (now from TIGGER for a F-86D) is seen here in its vacu backing sheet:

The few parts were separated from the backing sheet by scalping the edges, removing/breaking of the part and finally sanding the edges. Handling resin parts may be harmful, so read my resin handling tips here...

Apply generous amounts of water. The parts are completely clean with absolutely no panel detail. The advantage is that a re-scribing can give nice results when done by yourself.

What about the extension?
The real F-86K is 8 inches (20 cm) longer than the F-86D Sabredog. The extension was in the mid fuselage, half above the wing and aft of the wing.  I checked the real dimensions, which are by the way not easy to find!
F-86D length : 40,3 feet 
F-86K length : 40,9 feet  = 8 inch longer, so length = 12,48 m (or 38,9 cm in 1/32 scale).

Next to having the actual real dimensions, I enlarged a drawing to 1/32 scale to have sort of working drawing during the build. It was not clear what the effect of the larger swept horizontal stabilizer is to this length data. I estimated this effect to be very small, maybe a millimeter or so.

So in 1/32 scale this extension is about is about 7 mm, which may not seem a lot but can be noticed.
Looking further into the conversion, I found the nose cone also to be very important to measure the length.

So overall, checking with the parts, it was decided to make the 1/32 extension not 7 mm but 8 mm to correct the vacu set more.

Two plain cuts were made with a razor saw. Please note that a center section cut was made at slightly different locations (but in the parallel mid section) to get a stronger overall joint later on.

The extension was made with bended plastic card, seen here added to the rear cut off section.

As seen, sanding and filling is still needed at the joints,will be done later.

Also, it was seen on real aircraft pictures that the depth of the fuselage below the wing was less than on the vacuform fuselage. This is seen here on a real picture. This area has a sort of belly which is not flat to the rear and forward. The Hasegawa wing section for a regular Sabre is too flat and lacks the belly. Some some build-up is needed here..

So, it was decided to bend the lower section as well and remove extra material of plastic to get a better shape.

Also, the radar nose needs some work combined with the intake. A real challenge will be to add the scoops/smaller intakes and the gun barrel/fairings.

1/32 page 1 F-86K
1/32 page 2 F-86K
1/32 page 3 F-86K
1/32 page 4 F-86K
1/32 final page
NOTE:  AEROPOXY announced February 2013 that a resin conversion set will be released. I got it summer 2013 and will use the set .

Look here for AEROPOXY set on [ page 2.... ]


(1)  F-86D/K/L Sabre, Air force legends series # 202, Ray Wagner , Part One (Steve Ginther publications, 1999). 

(2)  F-86 Sabre in Detail and Scale, Bert Kinzey, USA 
(3)  F-86 Sabre in Action, Larry Davis, Squadron Signal publications no. 126, USA 
(4)  F-86 Sabre in colour, Squadron signal publications, USA 

 (-) F-86K publications IPMS Nederland: "Modelbouw in Plastic" magazines MIP 1978-2,  MIP 1983-1 , MIP 1984-4 , MIP 2002-3 , MIP 2002-4, MIP 2007-1 . 

On the Dutch IPMS Nederland website:

- KLu F-86K information pages

- Walkaround IPMS Nederland 

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