Northrop NF-5A 
AN/ALE-40 Dispenser


Dutch NF-5 may carry the AN/ALE-40(N) dispenser for either chaff or flare. The system is aimed at protecting the aircraft by jamming radar signals by flare or misleading incoming heat seaking missiles with flare. The system was purchased later in the NF-5 service career and can be used on both NF-5A single-seaters and NF-5B duals.

The dispenser can be mounted on top of the rear edge on both sides of the fuselage, but is not always carried. Usually 2 systems are carried with on the right side a flare payload and on the left a chaff payload. From a distance they look similar, but looking from the rear you can distinguish the two "payload" types. The system base is the same, but the "payload" block of the flare or chaff differs. The flare block has 6x3 loads, the chaff 10x3 loads. The outside dimensions of the whole system are the same.

3/4 view

Upper view
Total length is 67 cm  (including rear payload block and front aerodynamic fairing) and max wide is 30 cm (1 feet). 

The rear view drawing on the left shows the 10x3 chaff loads. 

Chaff payload block (upper section of the yellow parts)
max width is 30 cm.

The side view of the overall dispenser

A view "inside" a chaff payload block

view from the front

The internal system (not seen from outside)

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