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Mikoyan Mig-17 "Farmer" &
Mig-15 UTI (Conversion)
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Mig-17 & Mig-15 UTI Conversion model in 1/32 scale
 In progress report

last update September 19, 2004

The kits were are now in the stage that the surface finsihing should be made in order. Smaller details are corrected as they appeared after the first grey paint.
Smaller corrections were the obvious sanding marks and forgotten smaller gaps, but also the trimtabs of the Mig-17 tail elevator and the vertical tail details.

  smaller trimtabs

 Mig-17 tail dorsal  fin 

The Mig-15 UTI cockpit was checked for a good finish and the tub is 'ready" to receive the detailling later on.


Next steps?.....

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Best references:
- KP kits in 1/72 scale
- AeroFax OKB MIG,
Mikoyan Aircraft, Miller and  Butowski
- Squadron Signal Mig-15 (Inaccurate drawings!!)
- Mig-15, 4+ Publications, Czech
- Mig-15, Scale models, July 1996

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Created September 19, 2004