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REVELL issued the kit of the Sea Lynx Mk.88A (no. 04652) in October 2012. It has yellow Lynx markings for a German Navy machine as well as other decals. This model was used to do my conversion to the Dutch Lynx SH-14D.

In February 2013, REVELL issued a different version of this kit (no. 04837), the HAS 3 : 
Decals for 2 schemes:
(1) Royal Navy demoteam Black cats , XZ250 , no 072 squadron, Yeovilton 2008
(2) HAS 3, ICE, XZ246, no 815 squadron, as used during Antarctic mission 2001 from HMS Endurance


A comparison is presented here between the HAS3 kit and the German mk.88A kit 
among with some other "unidentified" sprues with parts.
SPRUES IN DRAWINGSMain sprue partsSea Lynx Mk.88A (kit 04652)HAS 3 (kit 04837)Remarks
Sprue A (Revell common)
Fuselage halves

Fuselage bottom

Also for SH-14D
(small change needed)
Sprue B (Revell common)
Rotor fairing
Also for SH-14D
Sprue C (Revell common)
Main gear fairings with ECM

Large span

for Dutch Lynx like SH-14D:

Main gear fairings need modification 

Reduce stabilizer span 

Sprue S2 (2x)
Sea Skua missile



(Optional SH-14D)
Sprue S3 (2x)

(sprue S4 = S3 )
Main rotor blades BERP


Good also for SH-14D 

(BERP blades only)

Sprue S5  (transparant)
Front doors
Also for SH-14D
Sprue S6 (transparant)
door window
and "suggested intake grill"
may be usable for SH-14D
Sprue S7 (transparant)
door windowYes
n.aAlso for SH-14D
Sprue S8
Tail rotor (new type)

Sea Lynx with 
lower nose  radome

n.aFor SH-14D better to have Sprue 13 

Nose not applicable and not usable (too pointy)

Sprue S9
Non foldable tail

Parts for sonar interior

n.aFor SH-14D,
better is to have Sprues S12 and S13

For Sonar interior required

Sprue S10
Sonar interior parts

Slightly other Floor

n.aUsable for SH-14D when sonar is desired

Sprue 12 can also be used for no sonar interior

Sprue S11  (not described in any kit instructions)
This sprue is not mentioned/ explained in instructions; looks appropriate for e.g HMA8

Lower nose radar radome for HMA8 

Foldable HMA8 tailfin

Hoist parts
(not mentioned in instructions)

Yes 04652
(but not described)
n.aInstrument panel usable for SH-14D

But for other parts, Sprue s13 is better

Also on sprue are Hoist parts

Sprue S12
Foldable Tailboom 

Slightly different floor (no sonar gap)

Other type left door

Slightly different rear cabin bulkhead

Good sprue for SH-14D with foldable tailboom

Cabin bulkhead #104 is applicable for SH-14D (can be covered with webbing on a real Lynx)

Sprue S13
Foldable tailfin with old style fairing

Old style tailrotor

Lower HAS3 nose radome

HAS3 instrument panel

HAS3 engine fairing details

Good sprue for SH-14D:

HAS3 nose, which is too pointy for SH-14D

Appropriate foldable tailfin with good top fairings

Appropriate old style tailrotor

Correct small changes to engine fairings (e.g. cowhorns and parts 116+117)

Correct nosegear fairing #111

Instrument panel not applicable for SH-14D
(is on sprue S11)

.. and the sprues in photos:


... and the anonymous not mentioned sprue S11....


REVELL HAS 3 (KIT 04837)

The HAS3 kit parts are in white and grey plastic.





with the added ECM (?) fairing 109+110.


Looking at photographes, for Dutch Lynxes such as the SH-14D, the nose looks different. The kit parts look a bit too pointy. 
Note that the kit differences are very subtle and one can easily also use the kit parts.

Lynxes were fitted with various noses with different shapes. Also, many variations are seen on add-ons like FLIR turrets, fairings, ECM stubs etc.

OK, if you want to make a Dutch Lynx like the SH-14D, what is the best approach?

Buy the Revell HAS3 Lynx kit (KIT 04837). If you are happy with the HAS 3 kit nose, leave as is. You need than to adapt the main gear fairings/stubs and modify the main instrument panel. No hoist nor a sonar is in this kit. But that is a configuration that was sometimes operational on real MLD Lynxes. 

If you want a (yes, only slightly different) Dutch Lynx nose and parts for the simple main gear fairings, also buy my home made conversion set. 

If you want an interior with sonar equipment, console and operator seat, get ALSO the other kit Mk.88a. But please note that the German sonar interior is DIFFERENT than the one used in the Dutch Lynxes but the parts are handy for a conversion. This kit will give you also the SH-14D main instrument panel. You also get the (not in the instructions mentioned) hoist parts. But you still need to adapt the main gear fairings/stubs.

Brief suggestions when modelling the SH-14D when using the HAS3 kit following the Revell Instructions Numbered Steps:

STEPs 1, 2, 3: follow instructions
STEPs 4, 5: another instrument panel is needed, use part #266A from kit of the Mk.88a if you have it. Also use part #234 mid console. Otherwise with card do a simple conversion.
STEP   6: probably not needed
STEP   7: follow instructions
STEPs 8, 9: follow instructions but leave off parts #128
STEP  10: follow instructions
STEP  11: follow instructions, the other rear cabin bulkhead part #104 is OK also for a Dutch Lynx (it is often covered with webbing and is hidden by canvas seats)
STEPs 12 - 15: follow instructions for a simple interior, depending on interior configuration.
STEPs 16 - 20: follow instructions
STEPs 21 - 22: follow instructions, the correct SH-14D fairings are in this kit. 
STEPs 23 - 27: follow instructions, the engine fairings are appropriate. Parts are there for even the "cowhorn" intakes #118 + 119, see step 38A. 
STEP  28: the HAS3 nose looks  a bit "different" as a Dutch Lynx nose on the SH-14D. You can leave as is or use my home made resin nose, look here for details....
STEP  29: follow instructions but with slight modifications, see here what....
STEP  30: follow instructions , nice is the new correct part #111
STEPs 32 - 34: follow instructions , very nice with correct failing tail with correct tailboom, correct tailfin fairings on top and good old style tailrotor. (saves a lot of conversion work!)
STEP   36: follow instructions 
STEP   37: the door is correct, follow instructions 
STEP   38: follow instructions 
STEP   38A: follow instructions , parts are there for even the "cowhorn" intakes #118 + 119.
STEPs 39 - 42: follow instructions but only one antenna #27 needed, look here....
STEPs 43 - 46:  the main gear fairings/stubs need modification. I have some resin conversion parts, look here.......
STEPs 47 - 50:  follow instructions with adapted main gear fairings
STEP   51: follow instructions but parts #139, 113, 112, 24 are probably not needed
STEP   52: follow instructions 
STEP   53: follow instructions but make span of stabilizer smaller, look here how.....
STEPs 54 - 55 : follow instructions but look at the slightly different antenna configuration, look here....
STEP   56: very nice are the icing indicators #130, should be on both side. Follow instructions 
STEPs 57 - 74: these steps deal with stores like torpedo and machine sidegun, can be fitted to a Dutch SH-14D as well. (The Sea Skua can not be fitted). Follow instructions as desired. 
STEPs 75 - 79: follow instructions for the later BERP blades on the Sh-14D as well, add rotor details

That completes the overall step-by-step modelling suggestions.

On my previous pages with the modelling report on the SH-14D, I used the first issued Revell Mk.88a kit
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