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F-16 models in 1/32 scale
Hasegawa kit conversion F-16A MLU conversion diorama..... 

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F-16 MLU Dutch AF: Koninklijke Luchtmacht 323 squadron "Diane"  in Year 2001

For this model completed (see previous pages), a scratch made diorama to 1/32 scale was made.

A maintenance setting was thought to be nice and as F-16 aircraft are well taken care off in a very clean and modern environment, it was decided to create a hangar. 

I started by setiing up a rough sketch as what the diorama would look like, also looking at F-16 books, particularly the DACO book and my own pictures.....

To add depth to the diorama, a mirror is used at one of the walls. Positioning the model and sizing the base is important here, as to allow as much details to be seen to this heavily modified F-16 model. As noted, various panels are set open, the radar nose opened up and the engine bay opened up with removed engine.

A wooden base was made measuring 35 x 55 cm (about 16 x 22 inch), the height of the walls is 22 cm (9 inch).  This seemed to work as the diorama can also be accommodated in my display shelves at home.

The walls were made form thick palstic card and wood. The base floor was made of thick paper carton, with squares cut out. In the base, some depth was to be added by carving open some rectangular holes.

Also a transparant hangar door was made with transparant plastic (from a gift package) with a p0lastic strut frame.

The overall base was given a very light grey coat with the walls darker grey. On the outside, the walls were camouflaged and some vegetation (grass etc, bought in a model train store) fixed with white glue.

The diorama obviously needs details inside. Ensure that you use correct measures for 1/32 scale.

- The figures were modified figures from an Airfix soldier set in 1/32 scale. The helmets were not used/ removed and body straps sanded off.

- electricity lines, made from electric wire;
- work benches and tool cabinets: made from thick paper and plastic card;
- access stairs: made from plastic card, this needs quite some work.
- oil leakage collectors were made from thin household aluminium foil.
- tools were made from thin card and painted
- no smoking and other signs made from a LETRASET
- the lift truck/ trolly was made from scratch
- the engine dolly came from the Tamiya F-16 kit
- the various F-16 parts are from the kit (these were separated before), like the stabilizer, panels and various hatches.

The diorama takes quite some effort to create, but is well worth it. It's something different!

The tale behind it is...

"it's lunch time, so finish up Jan! Everybody is waiting for you!"

Jan is the guy sitting on top at the ammo bay...


an overall view

.note the mirror above in the left upper corner


"niet roken"... non-smoking in Dutch
. lift truck


view from outside, note the hangar door on the right
Radar work to be done!

The diorama at IPMS Netherlands event Euro Scale Modelling 2007 took a "Commended".

Hope you enjoy it seeing Diane being taken well care off!

Years later, I got some additional old 1/32 Hasegawa F-16 kits.....

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