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F-16 models in 1/32 scale
F-16C "late Block 50" using the Tamiya kit   

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The  F-16C of the Chile Air Force was now finished with its full markings, parts and stores. Step by step, let's go through the final stages...

All gear doors were attached (from step 38).  Here, the main wheel is seen with its gear bay and doors.

The rear air brakes were attached (steps 50 , 51); as noted on a previous page, these came from the EDUARD set. 
Also 2x2 very small doors from thin plastic card were added at the brake arms bases on the upper surface. 

Note the added rear tail fairing, with the parachute pack (Step 20). 

The rear canopy screen of the Tamiya kit has far too wide edges that are supposed to be painted black (step 53). In the Academy kit, a spare screen is  in the kit; this was cut off at the rear and fitted. Some white glue closed the gaps at the mating surfaces. 

The upper part is the Tamiya part (note that not the fully painted black edges are seen here... these are even wider!);  the lower part is a far better spare Academy kit part #G2. 

The instrument coaming (step 43) has a gap up front. It was set fixed onto the model and the gap closed with white glue (seen here in the picture still drying); paint black after is has dried. 

- The pitot tube from metal was added (step 53).
- A small piece of black painted rod was added aft of the seat to keep the canopy in open position.
- The refuelling panel on the top of the plane was painted aluminium. 
- The various lights got transparant colours added as indicated in the instructions. 

The anti-collision lights #L11 in Step 49 on the upper surfaces are a bit too large and too thick, so some sanding was needed. 

The stores were added next. You can choose quite some different ones. In the kit, good extensive marking decals are provided for all stores.

Starting from the top: AIM-120B/C AMRAAM / "empty pylon" / AGM-88 HARM, 370 gallon tank / central 300 gallon tank / 370 gallon tank / AGM-88 HARM / "empty pylon" / AIM-120B/C AMRAAM.

Below the intake is an AN/ASQ-213 HARM pod.

AGM-88 HARM missile to attack radar ground stations. These were white in the old days, but now on the current planes grey; on the rear end some orange coloured cap was added from card. 

The AIM-120B/C AMRAAM mid-range air to air missile, here on the wing tip. 

After all stores had been added and final assembly was finished, the overall model was cleaned up and got a coat of side-matt coat, applying a mix of 90%  Johnson Future and 10% Tamiya matting agent. (obviously cover the transparant parts when applying the end coat).
This will give a good shine and protect the decals. 

- The engine exhaust pipe got a coat of Future with some transparant Tamiya blue paint added to give a typical sheen.
- The canopy and ejection seat were put on the model (can be detached)

The model is ready!


map flag   oldmarine

Military aviation in Chile began with a flying school beginning 1913 with soon aircraft introduced being Avro 504, Bleriots, SE.5a and Bristol M1. In the 1930s the Fuerza Aerea Nacional was a fact. After the Second World War, types were some C-45 and AT-6 Texans. The first jet arrived in 1954 with some 10 De Havilland Vampires and 10 Sea Vampires based at Los Cerillos followed quickly from 1956 by some 15 Lockheed T-33 and 18 F-80 Shooting Stars. After wanting a modern fighter and after refusal of the USA to deliver F-86 or F-5's, second-hand Hawker Hunters were acquired. They came from countries like The Netherlands and Belgium and after being upgraded by Hawker Siddeley in Britain were delivered to Chile. The first Hunters arrived in 1967 and eventually some 50 Hunters were acquired including some two seat trainers. From 1974 other jets were some 3 dozen A-37 and some 15 supersonic F-5E and 3 F-5F Tigers, mostly flown from Cerro Moreno. Also 2 dozen Mirage 5 aircraft were acquired from France including a few trainers, called Pantheras. In 1983 some 10 remaining Hunters "Aguilas" were upgraded by ENAER. Meanwhile, Chile acquired a few CASA C.101 and ENAER developed the A-36 Halcon (based on the CASA C101) strike aircraft and from 1986 over 2 dozens were delivered. In the 1990s the Tigers were upgraded by IAI and ENAER that included new avionics but also installing a flight refuelling probe. For replacing the old Hunters some 25 refurbished ex-Belgian SABCA Mirage 5 fighter-bombers were obtained with first delivery in 1995.

For a new fighter the lobby began to acquire F-16's after an earlier attempt had failed. In 2003 an agreement with Lockheed-Martin was reached and 6 F-16C Block 50 and 4 F-16D Block 50 arrived from 2006. They were called the "Puma" and equipment included Lightening II pod, Python IV missiles, JDAM and LGB's. More F-16 were needed and due to budget constraints from The Netherlands (ex- KLu) Fokker refurbished second-hand F-16 were acquired (but the HARM capability was removed): 11 F-16AM and 7 F-16BM two seaters from 2006 and an additional 18 ex-Dutch F-16AM from 2011.
 -- The Chilean Navy also has an air service that got in 1919 the first aircraft from Britain like Short 184, Sopwith Baby and Avro 504. Operations with float planes from naval ships also started and included also Dornier Wal flying boats. Current types are P-3 Orion and Embraer patrol aircraft and later CN295 Persuaders and many helicopter types. 
 -- The army operates mostly helicopters but also transports like the Casa 212 and CN235.
-- There is in Chile also an aircraft industry with the ENAER company with the T-35 Pillan trainer and A-36 Halcon strike aircraft.

F-16C Block 50, "Puma" aircraft number "J- 851"




A nice model added to the collection of an uncommon air force. Hope you like it!

NOTE: on the pictures above you don't see yet the small canopy locking hooks at the lower canopy frame; these were added later on to the model. Below you see them added using white thin card.....


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