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General Dynamics F-16 in 1/72 scale : kit review & modelling report of various kits! 
The F-16 was issued as a model in 1/72 scale with numerous kits, even way back in 1979. Revell came first with a kit with Dutch AF markings, a detailed engine and a large number of "stores".  

More extensive info can be found about the real F-16 can be found on my 1/32 scale F-16 pages here...


page 1 :   Royal Netherlands Air Force KLu, F-16A Block 15Y, F-16B Block 10 and Block 15 

page 2 :   Royal Netherlands AF (KLu): F-16A Block 20 MLU, F-16A Block 15 and Belgium F-16A Block 15 MLU

page 3 :   USAF F-16C Block 30,  Poland F-16C Block 52

page 4 :   Bahrain F-16C Block 40, Turkey F-16C Block 40 "soloturk demo"  

page 5 :   Egypt F-16A Block 15, Norway F-16A Block 10, Belgium F-16B Block 1, KLu F-16A Block 15 "demo"

page 6 :   USAF F-16C Block 50 "Have Glass"

page 7 :   Singapore F-16D Block 52

page 8 :   Indonesia F-16A Block 15 and F-16B Block 15

page 9 :   KLu F-16BM [Block 15 MLU] "Orange Jumper"

page 10 : KLu F-16B Block 5 and F-16A Block 10 "demo"

page 11 : Turkey F-16B Block 30B

page 12 : Italia F-16A Block 15 ADF upgraded

page 13 : Denmark F-16A early Block 15 and F-16BM MLU JSF test

page 14 : Greece F-16D Block 52 , Pakistan F-16D Block 52

page 15 : Portugal F-16A Block 15

page 16 : Turkey F-16C Block 50 and Morocco F-16 Block 52 conversion

page 17 : Turkey F-16D Block 50 and Jordan F-16B 

page 18 : F-16E Block 60 U.A.E (conversion)

page 19 : F-16A Singapore Black Knights and F-16A ADF Italia 

page 20 : F-16C  USAF "Agressors"

page 21 :  F-16AM  Romania and F-16B Thailand


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drawing [1]

For the F-16A, the Hasegawa kit no.1193 of the "F-16A Plus" was used to make an early block Royal Netherlands Air Force (KLu) F-16A. The kit is very fine with recessed panel lines and has quite good detail in smaller parts. 

It can be made straight out of the box. It has the larger stabilizer that soon became standard on the F-16. But the version is the old F-16 as also used by the KLu but still before the MLU upgrade program: so no external strengthening stiffeners on the fuselage and no advanced IFF antenna fairings in front of the canopy. The vertical tail is the standard one without parachute fairing; this is usually standard on USAF aircraft. The early style correct LAU-114 missile wing tip launch rails are provided and moulded with the wing parts.

Colours are overall standard NATO scheme of greys Federal Standard FS 36118, 36270 and 36375. Various model paint brands can be used here. (In the early days I used enamels, later on I switched to Gunze Sangyo acrylic paints).

Decals for this model came from the kit but also Dutch Decal set 72024 and depicts an early KLu F-16A coded "J-142" is of 316 squadron, RNeth AF based at Gilze Rijen in 1993. It has the 40th anniversary scheme as of April 1, 1993. You will need to correct the bird of prey ("kiekendief") head emblem of 316 squadron by adding some colour. This aircraft is an early F-16A block 15Y and the initial vertical tail configuration is the USAF standard one without parachute fairing. 

The small pitot aft of the nose at the right side is missing in the kit, this can be easily made from scrap. Other details are replaced thinner static dischargers made of painted fishing line and a metal pitot. Some REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT tags were also added and a thin HUD glass.

  KLu  40 jaar 316 squadron, 1993


drawing [2]
For the dual seater F-16B, the ESCI kit #9028 was used released in 1983. Although not very fine, for that time it was the only reasonable dual seater kit in 1/72 of the F-16 apart from the very rough Matchbox kit issued in the same years (see below). It is an early Block aircraft.

The kit Royal Netherlands Air Force roundels are too light so unusable. The canopy has no "loose frame" is provided, so the only option is to set it closed. Note that the canopy part to be integrated with the upper fuselage is separate in a sprue, another sprue is in the F-16A single seater kit...

esci kit 
This kit has the old style smaller horizontal stabilizers so for a F-16 Block 1, 5, 10.

I modified the stabilizers to get the later larger style ones with card and putty. Otherwise, the kit is OK for one of the first batch KLu F-16B Block 15 aircraft that were delivered. 

The early style correct LAU-114 missile wing tip launch rails as used on the first Block F-16's are provided and integrally moulded with the wing parts. The model is Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16B coded  "J-210" of 313 squadron in which a temporary paint scheme was applied with green horse shoes and pink dots hand painted with a brush over the overall standard NATO scheme of greys FS 36118, 36270 and 36375.

I later added a couple of fuel tanks from a Hasegawa kit that look better than the ESCI kit tanks. 


Canopy was set closed. The various static dischargers were also added as well as the pitot tube on the right side aft of the nose.




drawing [3]
The 1/72 Matchbox kit #PK-122 was released more than 40 years ago in 1978. It was issued as an F-16A/B so optional could be made as a single or two seater. This is a very basic kit but at the time I believe the first kit with a choice to make a "two seater".

matchbox f-16
p1 glass
Surface detail was very sparse, but at least no "deep trenches" are there. At the time modellers were happy with it as it was the first "two seater" 1/72 scale F-16 model.
This kit has the old style small horizontal stabilizers as first old F-16 block 1 up to block 10 aircraft were initially delivered to the Royal Netherlands air force (KLu). So this is correct for an early Klu F-16B block 1 with the standard USAF like tail with no extended fairing. (note: all surviving KLu aircraft were later upgraded and got new stabilizers and also extended tail fairings for the parachute pack).

The model was made by me ages ago. The canopy was set closed as no "loose canopy frame" is provided in the kit, so that is the only option. I also added two pilots. Some F-16B canopies have the forward section yellow/gold tinted, so this was done with transparent Tamiya paint X-24 "clear yellow". That paint was for me very expensive at the time!

I added the static dischargers from thin stretched sprue and the small pitot aft of the nose at the right side. Some decals came from both the kit but also IPMS Nederland sets. (note that decals are a bit vague now due to their age and sun light exposure...) 

The model is still in the collection but at the "bottom shelf".   

Also the early F-16 prototype and the F-16 CCV were made. Check out the separate page about some older F-16 prototypes and experimentals....

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References on Dutch AF F-16 aircraft 
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- My own F-16 Walk around Page here....
- IPMS THE NETHERLANDS  NedMil F-16 Info pages....

- F-16, 25 jaar in dienst van de KLu, C. van Gent en J.L. Bosma , De Alk, 2004 (in Dutch)
References NATO F-16: 
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