F-16 Fighting Falcon in 1/72 scale
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General Dynamics F-16 in 1/72 scale : kit review & modelling report of REVELL kits

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drawing [9]
Another Revell F-16C kit#4669 was made as a F-16C Block 40 of Bahrain using decals from Model Alliance set MA72185 which I got from my modelling friend Bas. Thank you Bas! 

The model got the small intake and the Pratt and Whitney F100 engine exhaust parts as described for the F-16C Poland above.... These extra parts #17,18,19,20 are still in the sprues of the Revell kit. Also, use the thin main wheels #46 in the kit (so not the thick wheels #100). Note that the drawing for part #21 on the intake probe is shown incorrect, it should run to the rear. 

The standard F-16C tail was used, so kit parts #96, 97 as indicated in STEP 12. It also should have the IFF antennas on the nose, so part #39 (and not 89). Also, the AMRAAM pylons and launchers were fitted on the wing tips. 

NOTE: the structural stiffeners often found on the F-16C ( though not in any kit) were I think also fitted on Bahraini Block 40 aircraft. With a tooth pick, these were painted medium grey. These are hardly seen here in a bit rough "close up" photo to show it... 

The Bahrain F-16 colour indicated by the decal instructions is an overall grey mix of Fed.Std 50% FS35237 and 50% FS36622, but I used overall Gunze Sangyo H67 acrylic (indicated RLM65) that look good after studying photos. It has bit "blue" in it. The radar nose cone got a darker grey colour of about FS36231 with Gunze Sangyo H317. 

Decals from Model Alliance went on fine after the model first got a gloss varnish base coat as usual. This F-16C got dark grey walklines, obtained from one of the many F-16 decal sets I had.

Final details are metal nose pitot, static dischargers, pitot on the right side aft of the nose as described above....

A nice set of older AIM-120B "big fins" AMRAAM missiles were added that were retrieved from a Hasegawa Weaponset X72-9. The fuel tanks are in the kit. Also, a GBU guided bomb was added as well that was in the kit.

A final semi-dull coat of varnish was airbrushed and the canopy finally installed.


[ area: 785 sq.km | capital: Al Manamah | population: 1,6 million | GDP 25,000 Euro per capita nominal ]

The Middle East country of Bahrain became independent in 1971 and soon set up a Defense force starting with Scout and BO-105 helicopters in the Police air arm. In 1987 a separate Amiri Air Force (BAAF) was established. A dozen Northrop F-5E/F were acquired for no.6 squadron and meanwhile a large air base was constructed named Shaikh Isa. A few years later Bahrain got permission to acquire F-16C aircraft through the U.S military sales program. Eight F-16C Block 40 and four F-16D two seaters were delivered in program "Peace Crown I" starting in 1989 and used by no.1 squadron. 
After the first delivery, Iraq invaded Kuwait and the Gulf War emerged and some aircraft flew with the "Coalition" during Desert Storm. LANTIRN pods were also later supplied as well. At end 1990's an additional 10 F-16 Block 40 aircraft were delivered starting in the year 2000 under "Peace Crown II" and these were capable of firing also AIM-120B AMRAAMs and more advanced weaponry. Other types are modern BAe Hawks mk.129 and several VIP transports as well as Bell AH-1E Cobra helicopters. The main base is Shaikh Isa Air Base. 

General Dynamics F-16C-40-CF , (Block 40) coded 201  Royal Bahraini Air Force based at Sheikh Isa Air Base, Bahrain in 2008. Delivered May 2000




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drawing [10]

Another Revell F-16C kit released in 2014 was kit #04844. This has very nice decals for a Turkish "SOLO TURK" demo aircraft which is F-16C-40-CF Block 40 aircraft, coded 91-0011 c/n 4R-70 and delivered January 2014.

I saw the aircraft at an air show at Kleine Brogel, Belgium.
Probably it was flown by no.141 Filo.

This F-16C Block 40 has the GE (General Electric) F110 engine with the larger intake. 

It was decided to make this attractive scheme!

The kit is very similar to the F-16C kit described above, but some small adaptions are needed for the Turkish F-16C Block 40 aircraft, these are well indicated in the Revell instructions.

The tail of SOLO TURK is slightly different with the parapack and can easily be adapted as indicated...


The IFF panel is not fitted on the F-16C Block 40 SOLO TURK , so was also not needed on the nose, so use part #86. 
(NOTE: other Turkish F-16C may have them, but a different type of panel: on a "raised base plate" the IFF antennas are fitted).

The GE engine parts #98, 99 were used. 

For SOLO TURK, the old fashioned Sidewinder wing tip launchers were also set in place. 
The model was further made and got a base grey coat. 

Than, using the kit instructions various areas got the other colours. For black Gunze Sangyo H2 black acrylic was used and for the gold colour Mr.Color enamel #217 Gold was used. Masking was done by making a copy of the decal sheet on paper and using masking film to follow exactly the contours. Let dry for 72 hours when done. 

The decals looked good, but I thought there were some errors in the grey-black paints. I decided to reverse some of these colours by cutting out some of these and airbrushing these with other reversed colours. I think that things were mixed up..... PLEASE SEE NOTE BELOW!!!

and these by me "reversed coloured" decals were applied....


I found out when the model was almost finished and thus simply retained the model. It's not perfect but OK. 

The rest of the model was set in place like landing gear and so on. The main gear wheel bays are white but some wash was brushed in. 

Final kit finishing was mostly as done on the other F-16C kits...., such as....

- the thicker main wheels #100 as per kit for heavier GE engined F-16's the usual type, but unfortunately the kit does not have any parts for the than needed "bulged" main doors.
- The nose pitot was made from a metal needle and the pitot at the right side aft the nose set in place. .
- The anti-collision lights on the intake and wing tips got a drop of blue and red paint followed by a drop of Micro Kristal Clear. 
- Inside the clear uncoloured canopy, 2 handles were added made from thin rod. These are always seen inside a F-16 canopy.
- The wing tips and stabilizers "static dischargers" extended kit bits are too thick so were replaced with thin fishing wire painted black.

(You may also add the Smokewinders, but I kept the launchers clean.)

This model got a semi-gloss varnish coat, this will give an even sheen and will protect the decals. A few coats of Johnson Future/ Pledge airbrushed with some matting agent with the airbrush is several thin layers using the usual technique...

The canopy was installed after its frames were hand painted with a fine paint brush and the stripe decals added. The canopy was kept clear and was set open and the rear glass section "glued" in place with clear drying white glue.

No stores were installed for the F-16C SOLO TURK demo. That completed a nice demonstration aircraft model.


For information on the Turkish air force look at my F-100 page here....

SOLOTURK F-16C was given the task to perform demonstration and aerobatic flights at various air shows.  

F-16C-40-CF Block 40 aircraft, coded 91-0011 c/n 4R-70 and delivered January 2014  


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