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1/72 scale kits of the later series Hawk jet 
kit review / modelling report

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Later generation with the -100 series Hawk 

Another pair of Airfix series 100 Hawk kits were made as described on page 8.... It has the later Hawk modifications. 

For the World Air Forces in plastic Hawk series 100 models will be made for a Hawk mk.120 of the South Africa Air Force (SAAF) and an India Air Force Hawk mk.132 for which either Airfix kit #A03073A or #A03073 can be used. 

South Africa (SAAF)

Assembly was done and for this model it was also decided to adapt the wing parts to show a drooped trailing edge flap as seen on parked Hawks. 

The SAAF scheme desired is grey with low visibility Eagle roundels for a particular Hawk that has black panels and a "gannet" on the tail for the 45th anniversary of no.85 squadron.

The decals are available aftermarket but I made my own decals as good photos were found on the internet. The decals were designed with a graphics program on the PC and custom printed on a special laser printer "with white".

The airbrushed colours are first overal FS36320 for which Gunze Sangyo H307 acrylic was used and a pattern of FS36375 with Gunze Sangyo H308. After masking, the black panels were airbrushed.

Note the low visibily markings that were applied after the model received a gloss varnish coat. 


lower view
A pair of underwing fuel tanks were added after these were airbrushed black. The model was further completed as described for the earlier made Airfix kits on page 8...

A semi-gloss varnish coat was airbrushed consisting of a mix of Johnson Future/Pledge with a few drops of Tamiya Flat base X-21. This will give an even semi-gloss sheen and protect the decals.


map flag vis

[area: 1,221,000 | population: 60 million | capital: Pretoria | GDP 6,500 USD per capita nominal ]

For more information about the South Africa Air Force, look at the Mirage page here...

sideHawk mk.120, South Africa Air Force, scheme of 45th anniversary of no.85 squadron "Gannets". 

hawk mk.120

hawk suid-afrikaanse lugmag 

hawk saaf

 ... at the Cape

saaf hawk cape town

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This model was made as India air force Hawk mk.132 of the SURYA KIRAN e.g. "Sun Rays" aerobatic display team. They were first formed in 1996 with Kiran aircraft as part of the no.52 squadron IAF at Bidar air base. The Kirans were used until 2011. In 2017 the team was re-established and got Hawk mk.132 jets.

For this model it was decided to keep the wing with flaps "up" as per kit though not strictly correct for a "parked Hawk".

The base colour is gloss white, any white paint will do. I first airbrushed a mat white coat with Revell Aqua 05 Weiss acrylic, followed with a gloss white of Gunze Sangyo Mr Hobby H1 acrylic.

This model scheme takes a lot of masking effort before the red  areas can be airbrushed. Ensure symmetry. This was done with masking tape and measuring the distances etc. For the red paint, first Gunze Sangyo H13 flat red was airbrushed to help adhering, followed by H327 gloss red FS11136.
Take your time here, do not forget the stabilizers, gear doors and also airbrush a spare decal if any repairs are needed.
up red
low red
Final touch up work can be done with a paint brush. The gear bays were painted "off white" with a brush.

The decals for this special scheme were home designed based on good photos found on the internet. The decals were laser printed on decal paper. (NOTE: there is also an after market decal set available from DEKL).

Tip: the 2x2 smaller roundels of about 6 mm diameter can be found in 2 of the Airfix kits #A03073, the larger kit roundels are not needed here.

Decalling was done prior to installing the smaller bits like landing gear.
Also note the thin red stripes that also have white borders to ease cutting these with fine scissors. Aircraft "A3700" was picked. The "no steps" were found on the Airfix #A03073 decal sheet decal #60.
Model completion was done as described for the earlier made series 100 kits. The canopy was set closed, gaps closed with white glue and painted and no "stores" fitted.
The model finally got a gloss varnish coat with some Johnson Future/Pledge. This will give an even gloss sheen and protect the decals.

map flag roundel
[ 3,170,000 | capital: New Delhi | >1,300,000,000 inhabitants | GDP US$ 2,100 per capita ]

Many Hawk jets are used by the India Air Force, including over 120 mk. 132 aircraft.

For more information about the India Air Force, look at the Jaguar page here...

india suryakiran hawk mk 132
Hawk mk 132, SURYA KIRAN aerobatic display team IAF
suryakiran hawk team
suryakiran hawk
side view

... posed in flight...
suryakiran hawk
 ... a bit photo editing...

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