Hawker Siddeley / BAe Hawks in 1/72
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1/72 scale kits of the Hawker Siddeley/BAe Hawk jet trainer 
kit review / modelling report

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(A) old Airfix kit: (03026)

This model looks good for the early production Hawk. Suggestions are: 
Add cockpit side consoles.
Add the missing small wing fences (add from card).
Ventral fin chords are a bit too small at lower airbrake.
Exhaust pipe a bit too small, leave like that.
Stores include rocket pods, bombs, pylons, fueltanks and central gun pack. 

Modify the flaps to droop for a "parked" Hawk. Each flap has also a tiny vane that is about 80% flap wide.

. A1 box

 A2 box
decals in A1 include RAF camouflaged and lower grey Hawk and Red-White RAF trainer
decals in later release A2 for Red Arrows demonstration team

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some parts in white plastic and the cockpit floor. Add side consoles.

A1 : Finished Airfix Hawk T1 with Model Alliance decalset #729001 with a dragon. Hawk based at St.Athan, UK

Colours are BSC381C: 627 light grey, 110 roundel blue and 537 red.

Note the drooped flaps with their vane. And the early short fillet shape below the rudder and the "curved" upper rear fuselage near the tailplanes which is typical for early generation Hawks. 

Flaps were drooped as all parked Hawks show drooped rear slotted flaps when on the ground. Unfortunately, none of these kits have these, which is an omission. It was decided to open up and droop on several built Hawk kits, which is a lot of work. 

Ventral fins were replaced by bigger ones made from plastic card.

Note the added tiny wing fence


A2: Hawk finished in an RAF Empire test pilots school scheme.

This is a photo I took at Fairford, probably in 1990 of "XX342" 

Some details were again added in the wheel bays. (It was decided not to droop the main flaps which is strictly not correct for a Hawk "at rest"; I could have added a pilot in the cockpit).

Decals from MODELDECAL set 80 for the "XX343" , a companion EPTS aircraft?

Ventral fins were replaced by bigger ones made from plastic card.

Also fitted drooped flaps and a few fuel tanks. On a real Hawk T1 no wing fueltanks can be carried, but I assumed for this test Hawk they were fitted to check them out for the T2. 

Some details were set into the cockpit, made from bits and pieces. Add seat straps made from masking tape. 

A3:   this blue-white-red Hawk using the Airfix kit was made many years ago. 
Its white stripe decals from Xtradecal are a bit cracked up, probably the gloss protecting layer was not thick enough. Also, I did not bother to droop the flaps.
Shown anyway here...

Ventral fins were not changed. 

Quite some work was done here to detail the cockpit. 

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