Hawker Siddeley / BAe Hawks in 1/72
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1/72 scale kits of the Hawker Siddeley/BAe Hawk jet trainer 

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Italeri released a 1/72 kit #186  in 1995. 

(My modelling friend Eric gave me some additional information, Thanks Eric).   

italeri hawk 186

I had the same moulded kit as released by Revell(#04622) in 2001 but the box came with new decals. 

box R1 
Decals in R1 for Swiss AF Hawk in a red-white scheme and RAF Red Arrows (are a bit translucent like on the REAL Red Arrows Hawks!)

There appears to be some tiny shape issues:

- the spine looks to squared aft of the canopy and canopy shape is also a bit too squared.
- nose a bit too pointy; mounting the nose wheel doors a bit different will "hide" this small error.
- exhaust pipe a bit too small. 

After 1986, Hawks got a thicker screen for better bird strike protection and this is as in this kit so that is correct for later aircraft!   

The short fillet is seen below the rudder as for the earlier Hawks.

Stores include central gunpack, underwing fuel tanks and Sidewinders. 

[NOTE: later in 2015 Revell released a complete new kit #04921 that was based on their larger 1/32 Hawk kit]

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The kit has in general a good fit. It was decided to droop on this kit the trailing edge flaps as "parked Hawks" are seen with drooped flaps.

The sections were separated with a razorsaw. Make a vane from card, note that its span is less than the rear flap!

Here an old photo I took at the Air Tattoo at Fairford, probably in the early nineties. 

R1:  Seen here finished with the kit decals of the Red Arrows year 2000 scheme. They are a bit too much translucent, so two decals I had were set on each to get a better white covering.

Well seen here is the correct small step at the lower windscreen edge. 


R2:  Another Revell kit was made with the kit decals for a Swiss AF Hawk T66 of the Fliegerschule at Emmen (CH). A number of  "no steps" decals were missing, these were added from other spare decals... enough Hawk decals lying around here!


This model made has drooped main flaps.

R3:  yep, another Revell kit made. Decals are from Modeldecal and a scheme of dark sea grey upper colour and medium sea grey lower surfaces. Hawk of RAF 63 squadron. 

Sidewinders were set on the special pylons

(I) Italeri

I1:  An older Italeri kit #186 was made many years ago, seen here using Xtradecal.

italeri hawk 186

The kit moulds are similar to the Revell Hawk. Here the "a bit too squared" spine is clearly seen. The fillet below the rudder is the early style one. (It was decided not to droop the main flaps).

Overall semi- gloss black colour


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