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Custom decals designed by Meindert de Vreeze
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Each designed decal sheet is custom "all colour laser" printed. To save costs and effort, decal requests by enthusiasts are combined so it may take a bit longer to get your decals delivered.




Interested in a sheet for personal use? Or if you need another scale, let me know as noted at decal page 1... 

Each decal sheet has one continuous print film, so each decal needs to be cut out with fine scissors.

No other prior decal preparation is needed.

Each cut out decal can be applied as usual after soaking it a short while in water. Decals are VERY THIN, so slide off from the wet backing sheet on a horizontally held GLOSSY model surface.

Note that a decal that contains a white section is often split in two parts. To apply the full decal marking, first set the white decal section at correct position and on top of that the coloured section. On the decals sheet you will often see an “arrow” to indicate this way of application (on white under surfaces, the white section is optional).

After all decals have been applied, finish the model with your preferred final gloss, matt or semi-matt varnish coats. This will also protect all the decals.
DECAL SHEET AIPD 55:  Korea KAI KF-21 (1/72)

The KAI KF-21 Boramae is in development as new South Korean indigeous fighter be able to perform a multitude of tasks. Academy has released a 1/72 snap tite kit of the Korea KAI KF-21 indigeous fighter. The kit has stickers for the markings. This decals sheet can be used in stead with similar markings.
  side view
 aipd 55
 (1/72 sheet size about 26x7 cm / 11x3 inch)
pdf  DOWNLOAD description sheet AIPD 55
Check out my modelling report here....  
DECAL SHEET AIPD 57:  Douglas C-47A KLM 1950s

After the Second World War KLM “Royal Dutch Airlines”
, the oldest Airline in the World, used many C-47A to resume flight operations. Decals are in 1/72 and have on the right side trim lines with the title DE VLIEGENDE HOLLANDER and on the port side the title  THE FLYING DUTCHMAN.
Decals for two registrations are provided:
PH-DAT (C-47A c/n 42-93424) used by KLM and registered from February 1954 to November 1961.   
PH-DAZ (C-47A c/n 42-93463) used by KLM and registered from April 1954 to October 1957.
(1/72 sheet size about 26x9 cm / 11x3 1/2 inch) Large !
pdf  DOWNLOAD description sheet AIPD 57

No model has yet been made. Recommended is the 1/72 C-47 Airfix kit. 
DECAL SHEET AIPD 58:  RAF Typhoon 1435 Flt Falklands

The Royal Air Force deployed to the Falkland islands from 2009 Eurofighter Typhoons FGR4 operated by No.1435 Flight. A few serials and codes have been prepared of this deployment. (various scales like 1/72 for the Revell or Hasegawa kit or 1/48 Revell kit are available on request).
(1/72 sheet size about 4x11 cm / 1 12x4 inch)
 Other scales on request.
pdf  DOWNLOAD description sheet AIPD 58
No model has yet been made with these decals, but other Typhoon models can be seen here: 1/72  or 1/32
MORE than 30 other DECAL designs TO FOLLOW

For obtaining a decal sheet, see contact notes...
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