Mikoyan MiG-21 "Fishbed"
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MiG-21 in 1/32 scale
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The converted Revell kits were finished with decalling and final cockpit detailing. Cockpit instruments came from a combination of kit decals and add on bits and pieces from card and rod. The canopy was made to be detachable through small metal pins and drilled holes to receive them. This enables the canopy to be cleaned periodically and save transport.  


The cockpit canopy inner surfaces were also detailed with de-misting tubing, the various locks and the windscreen gun aiming screen and some instruments with dials were added. The mirror in the middle of the canopy  was drilled open and got inside a piece a reflecting metal as mirror and a glass of "kristal clear" 

The overall kit decals came from various decals from the Revell kits as supplied in various kit versions. The decals are not very good quality as they DO NOT adhere to a glossy surface very well without "silvering". The trick here is to use water based glue! Put on a water based (deletable) glue first on the location of the (small) decals, and then apply the decal. Any residue can be roved with water and a cloth. Press firmly the decal to the surface to avoid silvering, caused by air trapped bubbles.  Later on, additional stores will be added; these will come from any left overs of the Trumpeter kits. 

After applying the decals and sufficient drying time, a clear up was done with a cloth and water. After again 4 hours drying, a final dull coat was sprayed on with an airbrush. Johnson gloss (floor finish) Clear was used, mixed with a 20% Tamiya Flat Base X21. This gives a fine mat result. 

The final result is very pleasing of the camouflaged DDR MiG-21 MF plane!

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ddr   ddr 

[1949 - 1990] [ area: 108,000 km2 | capital: East Berlin | population: 17 million in 1970]

After the end of the Second Worl War, Germany was split and divided in several sectors. The Soviet Union controlled sector in the East with Berlin now an enclave and former Germany still divided in four.  September/October 1949 the German Democratic Republic (DDR) was established. Using gliders training had begun of pilots and in 1952 training began of MiG-15 jet pilots. Aircraft were delivered to the DDR like Yak-11, and over 100 Yak-18 trainer aircraft. April 1953 the first Soviet MiG-15 arrived but not earlier than March 1, 1956 the air force was formally set up though part of the army referring to it as LSK/LV Luftstreitkräfte und Verteidigung. April 1955 the Warsaw Pact was established and the DDR was a member. In 1956 the first of about 50 MiG-15bis jet fighters (Czechoslovakian license built S-103) and 80 MiG-15UTI (CS-102) trainers were provided by the Soviet Union. In 1957 followed the MiG-17F / PF "Fresco" (Polish license built Lim-5) of which some 230 were delivered and from 1959 some 24 MiG-19 S / PM  "Farmer" attack aircraft. 

The first MiG-21 F13 "Fishbed" jets were delivered in 1962 along with U trainers, in total about 120. In 1963 came the first of some 51 Czech Aero L-29 Delfin jet trainers. Later generation MiG-21 also were delivered with some 200 PF, PFM, SPS and US obtained. From 1968 some 230 MiG-21 M, MF, bis and UM trainers arrived. Another type acquired in 1978 were some 77 MiG-23 "Flogger" of various versions. Some 50 Aero L-39 ZO Albatros trainers replaced the L-29 Delfin from 1977. In the 1980s some 48 fighter-bombers Sukhoi Su-22 M4 "Fitter" and 8 UM3K trainers were delivered. The last jet fighters acquired were from 1988 some 20 MiG-29 A and 4 UB trainer "Fulcrum" fighters. 

In all those years many prop trainers from Zlin, Yakolev were used. Transport aircraft were types like some 12 Antonov AN-26, Ilyushin and for VIP roles some Tupolev and Il-62 airliners. A large helicopter fleet was also operated with some 50 Mil Mi-2, 24 Kamov Ka-26, about 116 Mil Mi-8, 15 Mi-14 and 50 Mi-24 "Hind" attack helicopters. The DDR Police also operated a fleet of aircraft, particularly helicopters like the Ka-26

In 1989 the fall of the "Iron Curtain" resulted in the end and merger of East Germany on October 3, 1990 with West Germany, die Wiedervereinigung. The German Luftwaffe got transferred the MiG-29 and got systems upgrade. But it did not take long before most of these went after to Poland (that meanwhile became NATO member). Many L-39 went to Hungary. 

  Former DDR MiG-21 MF,  Code " Red 614"

 note central fuel tank (from Revell kit) 




The other converted Revell kit  was finished similarly. Cockpit instruments (assumed to be quite similar to the soviet planes) came from a combination of decals and add on bits and pieces from card and rod. 

The single cockpit canopy was also detailed with de-misting tubing, the various locks and the windscreen gun aiming screen and some instruments with dials were added.

The decals came from various decals from the "spares" box. The India Air Force roundels were based on Italian roundels with the yellow edges cut off. (the decals were from a 1/48 Revell/Italeri Tornado kit). 

The smaller (assumed to be "Indian English" ) stenciling markings came from other decals. The plane is fitted with a training Atoll like missile on the left pylon.

The model got the same treatment regarding the mat finish as the DDR model 

 note detailing gear and deepened main u.c. bays 

The final result is very pleasing of the special "yellow" IAF jet


     right view IAF MiG-21 MF

    view with yellow Atoll training missile

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