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Mig-21 in 1/32 scale
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Trumpeter kit MiG-21 F-13

The Chinese Trumpeter manufacturer issued several kits of the MiG-21, including that of old the subtype F13. 

       4+ publication drawing

So how do those kits compare and what to do next? Looking at the Trumpeter kit, which represents in kit kit no. 2210 a MiG-21 F-13 "early mig", the kit requires quite some studying as there are many delicate parts.

Unbelievable how much this Chinese kit company Trumpeter has learned and made progress in a few years! The kit is far better in details and fineness than their first MiG-15 kits series, although these were also quite good. 

The beginning with any kit as always is to study the best references. With the political opening of the Eastern block and the Chinese economic wonder, Trumpeter got access to information required and came with a very good kit. Looking at pictures, this kit is a real miracle. The details are very good and the kit pays attention to detail. When measuring up the kit with reference data from various sources, it seems to be very accurate. Probably Trumpeter had access to a real MiG-21 in China to do measurements, so this is no real surprise. 
Trumpeter parts
Trumpeter kit MiG-21 F-13 parts (not all of them)

F13 fuselage parts

F13 cockpit parts with metal undercarriage legs with smaller thin F13 type tyres

You get besides the obvious parts in the Trumpeter MiG-21 / F13 kit : 
- excellent cockpit with reasonable early style seat
- avionics bay details
- canon bay details
- detailed engine with separate tail section
- fully detailed undercarriage and bays (with metal legs)
- very good set of stores

Trumpeter kit instructions; very nice !

The kit has very good surface detail, with nicely engraved lines, rivets, added raising plate details etc. Very good indeed!

Trumpeter kit MiG-21 F-13 decals and parts; 
Upper picture shows the common "engine parts" sprue to all Trumpeter released MiG-21 kits.

note below the F13 decals and the photo negative type of instruments

The Trumpeter kit also came in other kit issues with variants, the MiG-21 UM Mongol two seater, the MF etc... 

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The Trumpeter MiG-21 F13 was further tackled. As the kit has good parts on the engine and the other Revell kit of the MiG-21 is also being made, it was decided to open some left hand panels of the Trumpeter kit. So, a detailed model can than be made.

With an electric saw tool and razorsaw, some of the panels were opened. As the rear fuselage tail section is separate on the kit, the model will be made in such a way that it can be displayed both with the rear section fitted and removed (to be set on the provided dolly).

overview of opened panels and parts. 

forward avionics bay, details were also improved, opening the "floor" of the forward avionics bay and adding some more detail. 

gun area, with some card detailing; yet to be improved further...

The rear fuselage/tail section got a bulkhead frame as well as the rear of the main fuselage. Inside the rear section, some stringers and simple parts were added from scrap. 

The fin rudder actuator panels were also opened.
The bulkheads and stringers were made out of plastic strip, stretched sprue and card. It is essential to study good pictures here, such as from the Lock-on book. Actuators, cylinders and tubing can be seen. 

Another item needing care (not seen on a picture here..) is the forward intake "bullet". As it is quite small on the MiG-21 F13 variant (there being no radar in the bullet), you will need to "add the intake aerodynamic fairing" inside in order not to see the basic cockpit assembly. Trumpeter did not provide any inner parts here to get a good intake fairing. I added some thin aluminum foil that can be easily bended and curved to get nice smooth inner walls. 

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