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A-7E Corsair II  US Navy
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Trumpeter A-7E Corsair II model kit in 1/32 scale 
US Navy
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Next, the cockpit area was completed. Some extra detail was added from sprue on the cockpit-canopy seal. The canopy got two small metal wires with corresponding holes drilled in the fuselage to hold the canopy, it can be removed.  

Also the canopy mirrors (in the ZACTOMAN set) can be seen to advantage as well as the rear canopy plate.


The nose wheels were replaced with smooth ones from the spares box (the engraved tyres in the kit with parts F17, F18 are seen on the USAF A-7D, not NAVY type tyres).
The navigation- and anti-collision lights were added as supplied in the kit. 

The emergency power generator in the kit got some extra detail. 

In the left equipment bay, the LOX bottle is missing from the kit. It was obtained from the spares box and added. Some extra detail can be seen as well here. 
The pilot boarding ladder is also nice to add. Not all opened up panel doors are fixed on to the model as some are removable by the maintenance crew.

It was decided to add the training AGM-62A missile from the kit as well as the FLIR pod. Their heads were painted TAMIYA clear blue. On the left side no stores were set as the maintenance is on going in that area. 

A final spray of Johnson Future/Klear/Pledge gloss varnish was put on the model with the airbrush to protect the decals. That was about it on completing the kit.

Some views of the completed model. Note the subtle colour differences in the gull grey and white. 

Note the stains on the rear fuselage as well as the sligthly drooped flaps. The enlarged exhaust area is also seen here. 

the FLIR pod is well seen here. The intake is also much better looking through using the ZACTOMAN set. 

A-7E Corsair II of US NAVY CAG plane , VA-87 Warriors with Indian Chief markings. It was deployed in the 1970's from US carriers, like the USS Independence. 

That completes the A-7 Corsair II in 1/32 scale. A nice model in the collection

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