McDonnell Douglas (Boeing) F-15 Eagle
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F-15 Eagle Plastic scale model in 1/72 scale 

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logo hasegawa
Yes, another few F-15J Hasegawa 1/72 kits were made, built similar as the Hasegawa kits described on page 4....

A JASDF F-15J of the no. 303 tactical fighter squadron of the 6th Air Wing was made with special "claw" markings are flown from Komatsu air base, September 2016. Decals came from MYK DESIGN set A-72102. (Note: this set has also decals for the no. 303 squadron "Dragon" scheme seen on page 4, but those came from the Hasegawa decals).
myk design A-72102

The MYK DESIGN decals are fine, but you will need the "red JASDF" markings and stencilling from a kit with JASDF markings.
lower view

It was also decided to add a pair of not only fuel tanks but also a few missiles. These can be found in separate Hasegawa weapons set X72 "3" USAF of which AIM-9L Sidewinder and AMRAAM (modernized Sparrow) were used. You could also find these in the Weapons Japanese set X72 "10" or obtain the Japanese AAM-3 from the Platz kit described on page 3.

side view 

JASDF 303 squadron F-15J
JASDF F-15J of the no. 303 tactical fighter squadron/ 6th Air Wing
f-15j 52-8859 303 squadron
tail 303 squadron F-15J
f-15j 52-8859 303 squadron JASDF 

303 squadron JASDF Komatsu
Japan Air Self Defense Force F-15J , 303 squadron, Komatsu
F-15 JASDF Komatsu
Komatsu F-15J
... set at Komatsu...
F-15J Komatsu air base JASDF
f1-5j komatsu air basse
logo hasegawa
Another Hasegawa F-15 kit was made, now of a two seater trainer F-15DJ. You can purchase several Hasegawa F-15DJ kits such #K26, #04026.

The two seater kit is further very similar to the Hasegawa single seater F-15J but with extra parts for the two seater in adapted sprues [E] + [G] (so different than in single seater kits):  
... and common single seater sprues [A,B,C,Dx2]:

The only big difference is obviously the two seat cockpit and upper fairing towards the airbrake

This Hasegawa F-15DJ kit was made rather straight out of the box very similar to the F-15J single seater models as described on page 4.

So, flaperons tilted and not yet vertical tails fitted.
The model got its gear legs fitted though with the pylons. Next followed a base grey coat.

It seemed fine with no gaps.

From my modelling friend Bas I got some decals from MYK DESIGN. Thank you Bas! Set A-72101 has decals for a JASDF F-15DJ of the 201st Tactical Fighter Squadron of the 2rd Air Wing based at Chitose. It has special 30th anniversary markings as carried in August 2016.
myk design a-72101

I used a spare F-15E kit for this built that contains the required parts similar to same F-15DJ sprues as described above. (The F-15E kit itself is seen on page 2).

Again, this model got the standard JASDF ghost grey scheme and some pre-weathering as described on page 4.
For this anniversary scheme, this F-15DJ sports gloss black vertical tails and was often seen with only a central fuel tank. These were  airbrushed with Gunze Sangyo H2 black acrylic.
The MYK Design decals are great. Before setting the many decals, a few clear varnish coats of Johnson Future/ Pledge with the usual technique. This will prevent "silvering". You can off course use other varnishes as well, such as Gunze Sangyo H30 clear.

myk design decals

The smaller stencilling is not in the MYK Design decalset, these should be obtained from the Hasegawa kit.

When decalling was completed, the installment of the smaller parts is done. No armament was installed, many JASDF Eagles and certainly trainers are seen "clean".

The double seater canopy also got some details.    
cockpit f-15dj
chitose 201 squadron 

F-15DJ JASDF hasegawa 1/72 model
JASDF F-15DJ of the 201st TFS, Chitose, August 2016  
F-15 201 TFS JASDF Chitose air base
F-15J japan air force Chitose

chitose air base F-15DJ
  ... at Chitose air base at the Northern Hokkaido island of Japan, south of Sapporo
chitose japan
... and the model...

chitose air base F-15
chitose air base
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