Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-15
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1/72 scale kits of the MiG-15  (NATO "fagot") 
kit review / modelling report

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Another 1/72 Eduard MiG-15 UTI kit was made with a bare metal finish. As noted on page 8, Eduard kit #7055 has decals for an Indonesia MiG-15 UTI coded "1101". It seems that in fact the aircraft coded "1101" was a MiG-17 that had these codes.

So it was decided to pick a model of the Indonesia Air Force "
ANGKATAN UDARA" (TNI-AU) as flown in the 1960s. The model was made almost straight out of the box as described on the previous pages in a bare metal scheme. The main colour airbrushed, after a gloss black under coat, was ALCLAD ALC-119 with some others to suggest panels.

Some of the Eduard decals can be used but not the national markings as these are too large for this model. I found them in an AZ MiG-17PF decalset I still had. Code "J 755" was constructed with different number decals in the spares box.
The cockpit got some small extra details and also the mid blast screen.
The transparant parts got hand painted frames. Gear installed and pitot tube made from a needle. Finally a wire antenna was also added from fishing line.

tni-au mig-=15uti

map flag  roundel
[ 1,900,000 sq.km on many islands | capital: Jakarta |  267 million inhabitants | GDP $4,300 per capita nominal]

For more information about the Indonesia TNI-AU, look at the F-16 page here...
indonesia mig-15uti 
indonesia mig-15 uti
tni-au mig-15 uti
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