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F-86 Sabre in 1/72 scale: MODELART F-86K  "kaasjager"  
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This MODELART kit has decals for a Royal Netherlands Air Force F-86K but these are not so good. Far better is to use decals for such a F-86K called  "kaasjager" from the Dutch Decal set 72039. The decal instructions are a bit vague, but combined with the MODELART instructions and a Dutch IPMS Walk around, could be situated on the 1/72 model.

Main markings are Dutch roundels and the "Q" aircraft code, applicable for a late F40 wing F-86K.

Q-273 is a Sabre of the Koninklijke Luchtmacht no.700 squadron based at AFB Twenthe in 1964. It was a Sabre with black under surfaces. 

Smaller markings varied considerably on the Dutch kaasjagers with simple warning markings, black striping. Later on, red markings and yellow arrows were seen on the kaasjager. ( MODELART decals were thus NOT used ).

The Dutch Decals went on fine. For the walkway markings, I used some MICROSCALE F-86 Sabre decals found in the spare decal box.

Inside the cockpit, the floor is too shallow, not a lot can be done as it is rock solid! I simply painted the floor black. The seat got some details with straps and belts made from painted masking tape and a red head rest. (A rescue arrow still to be added on the spine). 

The canopy is a vacuform one. I had a spare canopy from the Special Hobby F-86K kit (the kit canopy itself was not used). The canopy was cut out and painted with a hand paint brush. Note that the F-86K has an UPWARD opening "clamshell" canopy and not a sliding canopy as older Sabres. 

The shape of the wind screen is a bit suspect on this model. But not a lot can be done about it.

Inside the canopy a sort of radio beacon (?) is seen that is transparant orange. I had a set for small scale car models with alarm lights in the orange colour. Also a tiny mirror was added. 

The smaller parts like the undercarriage were obtained from an old spare AIRFIX F-86D Sabredog. ( alternatively use parts from another kit like the Hasegawa F-86D ).

The lower surfaces of this particular coded Q-273 plane were black. 
The undercarriage bays were painted green and the wheel hubs and undercarriage legs silver. 


The final details were:
- slats from the MODELART resin parts were also fitted.
- pilot ejection seat got some seat straps made from painted tape.
- pitot tube at the wing tip made from a metal needle.
- fuel dump pipe at the rear of the lower fuselage.

NOTE: on a real F-86K many many tiny airflow vanes are seen below the horizontal stabilizer (not symmetrical) and at the rear fuselage near the exhaust pipe. These were not added, far too small in this scale to apply with my thick fingers.

The final thing to do was a overall gloss varnish coat of Johnson Future/Kleer/Pledge onto the model. Both to get an even sheen but also to protect the decals for the future. 

I had an etched metal ladder. This was set on the right.

That completed the 1/72 model of the F-86K Kaasjager. A nice addition to the Dutch aircraft model collection.

Q-273 "Kaasjager" of the Koninklijke Luchtmacht 700 squadron based at AFB Twenthe in 1964
... and set in a landscape...


A nice addition to the Royal Netherlands Air Force (KLu) model collection.  

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