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Dornier Do-28 Skyservant in 1/72 scale: modelling report 

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Another few Do-28 kits were made. Assembly and detailling was done as described on page 1....

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This model was made as a Do-28 D2 flown by the Niger Armee de l'Air. This country in middle Africa acquired some 3 Do-28 D2 aircraft in 1979.

The colour desert scheme had to "guesstimated" looking at photos and these acrylic paint colours were selected to be airbrushed:
- lower surfaces: light grey with Gunze Sangyo H332 (BSC: 627);
- sand Revell Aqua 16;
- darker tan: mix Revell 90% Aqua 17 + 10% Aqua 381.
The soft demarcation masking was obtained free hand with pieces of paper while airbrushing. No black de-icing boots were seen on this real Do-28 but there is a black anti-glare panel.

The markings were home designed looking at a few photos. The few decals were printed by a Third Party.  
Before setting the decals the model got a few gloss varnish coats to avoid "silvering" airbrushing Johnson Future/Pledge.

Drawn pencil lines suggest panels and some wash was applied in control surfaces.

The final items to install are the cabin doors that were set open and items as listed on page 1 like pitot, wire antenna, wipers, steps, static dischargers.

The propeller was hand painted with light grey blades, tiny black de-icing panels and yellow tips.
A final semi-mat varnish coat with airbrushed to give an even sheen and protect the decals.

 niger map  flag  roundel
[ area: 1,267,000 | population: 24 million | capital: Niamey | GDP per capita nominal ~ USD 500,- ]

Niger ("Republique du Niger") became independent in 1960 being a former French colony. It is a land locked country with mostly desert but the Niger river runs in the West with the capital Niamey. Mostly, it had military regimes. The air arm "Armee de l'Air" was set-up with French assistance with a few Broussards and C-47 transports and C-54. Some 4 ex-Luftwaffe Noratlas followed in the seventies (and in 2002 a single French Noratlas). Some 3 Dornier Do-28 D2 were acquired in 1979.
The last decade there is terrorist activity in the Magreb, causing a lot of troubles so there is a USA deployment to fight the terrorists with U.S. aircraft based at Niamey airport. The latest aircraft deliveries to the Niger armee de l'air are 2 SU-25 Frogfoots and some 5 Mi-35P attack helicopters with from 2013 Gazelle helicopters. Transports are a few Do-228, C-130 and Cessna 208 transports. From 2008 two Diamond DA-42 MMP are used for reconnaissance and a B737 as VIP jet. The only base is near the capital Niamey airport.

up niger
  Do-28 D2, code 5U-MBA, c/n 4332, Niger, 1980s
niger do-28   
niger do-28
niger dornier do-28

Another model was made as a Do-28 D1 flown by the ZAMBIA AIR FORCE.

The 1/72 kit was made as the earlier made models but without the main landing gear fairings. The fairing parts were sawed off and from rod a new pair of gear legs made.
The markings were again home designed with a graphics program looking at a few photos and the decals were than printed by a Third Party.

No official colours are known, the colours airbrushed were these acrylics:
- base brown camo Revell Aqua 381 braun;
- lighter green camo Gunze Sangyo 309;
- darker green camo Gunze Sangyo 340 (FS34079).

It is a wrap around scheme but I did not find 360 degree photos on the internet, so had to guesstimate the camouflage pattern. The nose tip section seems to be black. 
I did not see any black de-icing boots on the wing.  

zambia do-28 colours
Note that the wing halves were not yet set, this gives better access to the surfaces while airbrushing.

The long wire antennas seen on the Zambia Do-28 D1 are a bit different as on most Do-28's with also a cross wire (made from Prym flex wire). There are also a few blade antennas for the modern communication radios that were made from thin card.

The cabin doors were set open and items added as listed on page 1 like pitot, wipers, steps, static dischargers.

zambia mapzambia flag...zambia..zambia roundel
[ area: 752,600 | population: 18 million | capital: Lusaka | GDP per capita nominal: 1,300 USD ]

Zambia, a land locked countern in Southern Africa, became independent in October 1964. Air force information can be found on my K-8 page...

Some 12 Do-28 D1 were acquired by Zambia, probably from 2005. The aircraft codes are AF203 to AF212. In 2021, still a few aircraft were used.   
zambia do-28 D1 air force
    Do-28D-1, AF207, c/n 4041, Zambia, mid 2000s
zambia do-28     
zambia do-28
do-28 d1 zambia   
zambia do-28 D1 air force
zambia do-28 D1 air force

zambia do2-8
   ... at Lusaka
do-28 dornier zambia    
zambia dornier aircraft       
NOTE: if you would like to make your kit in a similar scheme and need decals, drop me a mail; it may be possible to make another decal print.

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