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Twin Otter in 1/72 scale: modelling report 
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Another 1/72 Twin Otter model was made, using the Revell release. It was made similarly as the first WIA model but now will be made in an airline livery of DIVI DIVI AIR as flown from the Netherlands Antilles island Curaçao. These Twin Otters still fly and seen in different schemes. I picked the one with a large green Iguana on the fuselage, the Twin Otter registered PJ-DVG.  

The biggest flaw of the kit was corrected: that is that the large front window is slightly too narrow and the side door window frame is a part of a glass window.

As on the previously made model,
it was decided to pre-paint the cabin window outside fuselage areas first, prior to assembly.
Only the wheel gear fairings #13 and #14 were set at this stage as well. 

The desired DIVI DIVI AIR scheme is white with lower green.
At the fuselage halves' window areas were airbrushed first matt white, followed with a few gloss white coats using Gunze Sangyo H1 white acrylic. Also airbrush the prepared wing halves, struts, long nose and smaler bits white.
The wing also got a white coat.
On the fuselage insides, darker grey was airbrushed. The small cabine windows were set and the cockpit was installed as were the bulkheads.
The windows were protected with masking tape.

Putty and sanding was needed now at the centres of lower and upper fuselage.
The main parts were given another few coats in white.
The lower green areas were airbrushed after masking the curved demarcations lines. This should have the same curve as the decals. For the green Revell Aqua 61 acrylic was airbrushed. 
Also airbrush a spare decal to make any small repairs and for the lower green nacelle areas.

   divi divi air
The decals had 
to be home designed and home made. (kit decals not needed). I found a real PJ-DVG photo with a good side view, it scaled it to 1/72, printed and measured.
Than with a graphics programs a decal layout was drawn and printed to check. When it seemed OK, it was custom laser printed.
I also used the paper print to make the fuselage and tail pattern of masking tape.

Note: the blue curved border lines I will make with the decals.

The other blue areas were airbrushed Gunze Sangyo 328 FS15050, such as at wing nacelles and wing tips and stabilzier tips. Again airbrush a spare decal in blue to make any small repairs.

The long white nose was set. The prepared and airbrushed main wing halves were NOT YET set onto the model. First, the fuselage and tail markings were applied. Note the "divi divi" tree typical of the islands on the tail.

The new bigger required front window was made of clear sheet and bended a bit and set in place with Micro Kristal Klear. The central frame was made with a white plastic strip and the thin side door window frame suggested by painting that white.

Before added the wing halves, small holes were drilled in the mating surfaces of both fuselage and wing halves to accommodate a piece of metal rod. This will give a stronger joint.
The wing with two struts was set making sure the wing has a bit dihedral. Below it is seen that the green runs on the nacelles, their aft areas are still to be painted with Revell Aqua 61.

NOTE: later it was found out that at the lower areas besides each engine nacelle also have the blue pattern as on the upper wing. Will be painted as well.

In the nose strut, the anti torque bar was drilled open and small taxi light installed. Wheels were installed.

Smaller details were added as smaller cut engine exhausts.
Each propeller got now white paints. For getting the black prop stripes, a small template was made to get a consistent hand painted result but I noticed that on the real props the white-black stripes may vary in layout between blades!

The pilot entry steps were set reversed below the cockpit. Blade antennas were set made from thin card and painted white. 
Anti-collision lights were painted, some static dischargers added. as were small nose pitots. Finally a few thin coats of varnish were airbrushed.

That completed the Iguana Twin Otter PJ-DVG of DIVI DIVI AIR!
twin otter divi divi air 1/72
divi divi air twin otter PJ-DVG
... model set in a scenery at Hato Curaçao airport ..... 
hato curacao divi divi air

A nice couple of Antillean Twin Otters is now in the collection along with the ALM DC-9 airliner in 1/72 scale.
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