Sukhoi Su-27K / Su-33 
"Sea Flanker"
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Sukhoi Su-27K / Su-33 "Sea Flanker" model in 1/32 scale (conversion based on the Trumpeter kit)

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After painting, the model was weathered a very little as the actual plane was very well maintained and hardly flew from the carrier.

Next step.... the Decals. These were applied on a glossy surface, achieved by using gloss Xtracolor paint and an extra coat of Johnson Future.

The marking details of this model were checked with actual pictures. The aircraft depicted was very clean and seemed to be very well maintained.

Most decals could be used from the Trumpeter kit which were OK, but also a number of home made decals were put on the model. The red numbers came from spare decals. For the walkway panels, the decal film was trimmed / removed to get a better result.

The ZACTO canopy needed some extra detail as seen here. 
In order to make the canopy removable from the model, a thin wire was used that will fit into a slot at the rear of the cockpit.

On the cockpit edges, small hooks can be seen on the Flanker; these were made from a " U " profile rod, cut in half.


Detail of the changed left fin tip, using thin card and thin wire. Static dischargers were fitted on the surfaces as seen on the Su-33.

Some details of the made wing hinges can be seen here. Most colours are metallic with some details in black and yellow. 

On the intake can be seen the home made markings of the Soviet Fleet. Note also the adapted belly pylon (which is far too large in the kit; it needed a different shape).

The tailhook was made from rectangular strip and the white / black striping applied.

 Below the extra right pitot tube can be seen as well as the offset IRTS seeker.

Some details of the cockpit are also seen. The K36 ejection seat came from the AIRES detail set and got the usual belts of strip and etched metal. (see page 1 ). The overall seat was airbrushed "tyre black", with drybrushed details. Cushions were painted gloss black and brown.
The canopy came from the ZACTO canopy set and is a vast improvement to the kit parts. Note the mirrors. The HUD was also added from the Aires set made from etched metal.

The missiles were painted using real foto's, some of these seem to be dummies / test missiles. Some of these missiles came from the Trumpeter Mig-29K naval Fulcrum 1/32 kit as these missiles (particularly the R27) are much more accurate. 

The R27 missile under the intake; be carefull with the decals, these are very thin!

Note the added rail below the pylon for the KH31p anti-ship missile made from rod. 

Under the belly a KH34 missile can be seen with the transparant nose (obtained from the MiG-29K kit). Some detail was added on the seeker. 

The SU-33 is often seen with the missiles attached even with wings folded!

On the rear of the missiles, round covers were fitted on the exhausts made from card. Also note the made Tiger emblem on a decal.

The wing tip missile pylon is a bit undeep, I did not notice this on time. It should be a bit higher. Some detail was added from decal and strip. 

also a white R60 missile can be seen

The landing gear adapted for the naval SU-33 version. Note the twin nose wheels and thicker main gear leg. The nose wheels came from the spares box and are 15 mm in diameter in 1/32 scale. 

After all details were added, the overall model was cleaned up and got an overall coat of Johnson Future with the airbrush. 

The model is ready!!!  Unbelievable but true.. a 1/32 scale Navy Flanker !!

A summary of what was done with this kit...



Hope you like the end result!

"put onto a ramp somewhere in Northern Russia"

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Created November 5, 2006