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Another Trumpeter MiG-29A "9.12" kit was made.  


It would made in a scheme of the North Korea army air force.

Decals were to be used from Modelmaker set "Asian Fulcrums part 1".
modelmake mig-29 set

The model was made and assembly as described on the earlier made model seen on page 3.

The “slight step” at forward the wing-fuselage root joint was corrected and the forward roof section of the main wheel bay made a bit deeper.

The louvres on top would be kept open as pilot figure would be positioned in the cockpit suggesting an aircraft with "engines running".

The rest of assembly was straight forward.

A base grey coat was airbrushed. Next was to follow the camouflage scheme. The North Korean MiG-29 was seen with a lower blue and upper green colour.
I used for the lower blue a mix of 80% Gunze Sangyo H25 blue + 20% Gunze Sangyo H314 white. For the upper green Gunze Sangyo 319 was used.

The Modelmaker decals were applied and it appears no roundels are present on the upper wing areas.

Final finishing was installing the landing gears and the nose wheels were set at a steering angle.
Below the fuselage nose some antennas were replaced, adding "odd rods" as in front of the windscreen. The pitot tubes and a large number of "static dischargers" were added as well.

 North Korea (PDRK)
map  flag  roundel

More information about North Korea air force can be seen on the MiG-15 page here....

From 1988 it appears that MiG-29 Fulcrums started to arrive in North Korea with a local manufacturing/ assembly facility established. It appears some 20 MiG-29 9.12 and some 6 MiG-29 9.13 Fulcrum-C and 4 MiG-29UB trainers were made operational.
Some reports say that from Belarus additional MiG-29SE were acquired from 1995, totalling up to 36 MiG-29 aircraft. 

The MiG-29 are apparantly based at Sunchon and are indeed seen on Google Maps:

sunchon sunchon
pdrk mig-29

  PDRK army air force MiG-29 9.12

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