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MiG-29 Fulcrum models in 1/72 scale...

The Soviet aircraft Mikoyan-Gurevich design bureau developed in the seventies a medium sized fighter aircraft in response to the American General Dynamics F-16. Parallel the Soviet design buro Sukhoi would develop a bigger fighter in response to the F-15 Eagle, this would become the Sukhoi SU-27 FLANKER later on. The design of Mikoyan, the 'Izdelye 9', had just like the F-16 also a streamlined lifting fuselage which blended into the wing. Typically, two large air intakes were used. These were designed to be set closed with large doors during take-off. In the upper section of each intake separate intake doors would open for air supply to the two engines. This was done so that the MiG could also fly from rough runways and with this solution no dangerous objects would be sucked into the intakes. Once airborne, the smaller upper doors would close and the large intake doors would open.

The prototype first flew October 1977 but it took some years before in the West news appeared such as in Aviation Week in 1983....
aviation week article 1983 MiG-29mikoyan

The type was later designated MiG-29 and NATO gave it the code name Fulcrum. The armament consisted of an internal gun and air-to-air missiles, such as the R-27 "alamo", and R-60 "aphid". The MiG-29 could be used for ground attack as well though that was not its primary role.

Over the years various MiG-29 versions were developed.

MiG-29 9.12

                   [ drawings source unknown ]

The first production version MiG-29 "9.12" was initially intended for Warsaw Pact countries and had simpler avionics.  

The MiG-29 UB was a simple two-seat trainer version without radar.

The MiG-29 was also exported with great success with India becoming a major customer.

The subsequent MiG-29S "9.13" got a thicker hump behind the cockpit containing improved avionics. Modern weaponry could be carried out such as R-73 "archer", and R-77 "adder" missiles. The first "9.13" rolled off the production line in 1985. There was even a MiG-29M and K version designed for use from Soviet aircraft carriers but these were only produced in small numbers. The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe had already fallen apart and there were other priorities. The MiG-29 remained in development with often minor adjustments made as required by export customers.

The latest version is the Russian SMT "9.17" with a fat hump / spine behind the cockpit for avionics and fuel tanks. This version can carry more weapons and is equipped with a modern "glass" cockpit.

Below some drawings from a Westernized MiG-29 flight manual are shown for "standard" version...
Flight manual Mig-29
flight manual
Of the MiG-29 probably more than 1,600 aircraft were manufactured for more than a dozen countries and a large number of MiGs is still in military use.
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The MiG-29 as kit was released by many kit manufacturers over the years in different scales.
hasegawa rerelase 1
In 1/72 scale there was first the Hasegawa model that was released in 1987 and later for many years as of today in numerous expensive re-issues with different decals.
revell kit
These kits were followed by models from Revell kitno. 4379 from 1988. But again, there were shape errors... For example in wing sweep, wing size and fuselage shapes.


Next followed models in 1/72 by Airfix and Heller but these were also very crude.
airfix mig-29 box
also released a two seater UB but this was very inaccurate. The chords of the wing are for example far too big wrong proportions.
Hller-ub box
Italeri released a MiG-29 in 1/72 (kitno. 184) in 1992 which was quite reasonable and far better than previous 1/72 kits. They also released a two seater UB, will be shown later as made model....
italeri mig-29 fulcrum

Some others manufacturers like ICM also released kits. An ICM model will be shown made later on.

The most recent new kits that have been released are very good:
Trumpeter came in October 2015 with a beautiful model in 1/72 for a MiG-29 "9.12". (Trumpeter released October 2016 a MiG-29 SMT "9.19" model but I have not bought that one yet). And ZVEZDA released a very good kit in 2016, more about these kits later on when they are assembled.

First a look at the old Hasegawa kit....

k22 mig-29 hasegawa
Here presented is my first made kit from Hasegawa, Kit no. K22, way back in 1987. Due to lack of accurate dimensional information in even those days, the kit is underscale. Nevertheless, it was at the time not so bad and it is a fine kit to assemble.

The main fault is that it is, as stated, too small. Also, the shape of the canopy is not entirely correct. The auxiliary intake doors on top of the fuselage should be open only when the main intake doors are closed but molded open. Also, no "stores" are provided with this kit.

It was build further straight from the box but "sits at the bottow shelf".
Mig 29 side view
Finished as typical Fighter aircraft in the USSR, Blue "03" V-VS .

hasegawa upper view   soviet star

Italeri  issued after the single seat kit the Mig-29 UB two seater as a kit in 1/72, kitno. 192, around 1992.  I made the kit in the year 2000. 

The kit was large improvement over the Hasegawa offering, vast amounts of detailed information being available after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Wing span and general size is OK within a few millimeters.
There are minor faults but nothing that is really a problem such as deepening the forward area in main gear bays.  

Not a lot of putty is needed but the nose and wing roots need some.

The model can be build straight on, with several variants through decals being provided. Add some details in the cockpit area and replace the antenna's.
Italeri Mig-29 UB
Fine stores are provided with the kit.
upper view  czech roundelrear view
This model was finished in a Czech colour scheme. I used in those days enamels from Humbrol Hu-127 light grey, Hu-128 green and Hu-29 brown with the kit decals.

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